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The Cork Int Regatta

The Cork International Regatta Yacht Charter Information

The Cork International Regatta is held at Kingston, Ontorio, Canada. The waters off Kingston offer one of the best fresh-water sailing in the world. It is located to the east of Lake Ontario and at the head of the St. Lawrence River, the combination of land mass, islands and thermal effects produce excellent wind and wave conditions with very little current.

Winds are predominantly from a south-westerly direction, with an afternoon wind range of 10-15 knots. Water temperature varies between 18 to 22 degrees (Celsius) with normal air temperature being 25 to 35 degrees. Daylight hours are approximately 16 hours per day. Kingstons thermal wind arises most afternoons and usually reaches 10-12 knots.

The three-race courses are about 10 to 15-minute sail from the sailing venue, Portsmouth Olympic Harbour, allowing necessary support services to be made available in close proximity of the course location.

While course lengths can be adjusted to meet the daily requirements, a wide-open expanse allows all three courses to be run within sight of each other. The Cork International Regatta will be held on the weekend of September 17 – 18.

You can charter a boat direct from our site so that you can enjoy the Cork International Regatta to the maximum. Chartering a yacht puts you right in the middle of the show so that you do not miss the fun. We have different yachts you can choose from.

We have some amazing luxury yachts listed on our site from which you can choose from. You can charter a luxury yacht for corporate and personal entertainment.

During the day, the yacht can act as a floating office & conference venue allowing you to welcome clients on board for meetings & presentations. While in the evening, the yacht makes an impressive venue for cocktail parties & dinners. And at night, your luxury yacht becomes your own private 5 star hotel.

You can also charter sailing boats. Sailing boats charters combine the thrill of the wind with the freedom to see the destinations you want. This is the best way to enjoy the view of the area from the water.

There is also the motor boats which are ideal to follow the match race and to take photographs of the event.

You can charter any types of yachts for the event depending on you plans or budget and whether you prefer sailing yachts, motor yachts or catamarans.


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