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Americas Cup

The Americas Cup 2013 in San Francisco Yacht Charter Information

The Americas Cup is a race between yachts and the winner of the match races is awarded with the trophy. One yacht, the defender, represents the yacht club who is the current holder of the Americas Cup and the second yacht,the challenger, represents the yacht club which is challenging for the cup. The Americas Cup is one of the oldest active trophy in international sport.

Any yacht club that meets the requirements specified in the Deed of Gift has the right to challenge the yacht club that holds the Cup. It is not only a test of sailing skill, boat and sail design, but also of fund-raising and management skills.

The next Americas Cup will be held in 2013 in San Francisco. The spectacular natural amphitheater of San Francisco Bay will be the site of the Louis Vuitton Cup challenger selection series as well as the Americas Cup Finals.

The International Americas Cup Class is a class of sailing vessels that was developed for the Americas Cup competition. These yachts, while not identical, are all designed to a particular formula, so as to make the boats involved in a competition roughly comparable, while still giving individuals the freedom to experiment with the details of their designs.

You can charter a boat direct from our site so that you can enjoy the Americas Cup race to the maximum. Chartering a yacht puts you right in the middle of the show. We have different yachts you can choose from.

You can charter a luxury yacht for corporate and personal entertainment. During the day, the yacht can act as a floating office & conference venue allowing you to welcome clients on board, while in the evening, the yacht makes an impressive venue for cocktail parties & dinners. And at night, your luxury yacht becomes your own private 5 star hotel.

You can also charter sailing boats. Sailing boats charters combine the thrill of the wind with the freedom to see the destinations you want. There is also the motor boats which is ideal to follow the match race and to take photographs of the event. You can charter any types of yachts for the event depending on you plans or budgets and whether you prefer sailing yachts, motor yachts or catamarans.


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