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Day Charters

When traveling to a coastal region for holiday, or business, it is highly recommended that you sail out to sea  for a truly spectacular experience of the surrounding beauty.  Board the boat in the early morning and cruise the bay viewing the surrounding hotels, islands and natural beauty that engulfs you.  Some of the yachts available for day charter are equipped with snorkeling, diving and other water activity equipment.  The peace and beauty of the ocean will truly captivate you and leave you completely relaxed.

One of the most popular places to visit on a day charter is the French Riviera.  The French Riviera is a beautiful piece of province which crosses France and Italy.  The coast is dotted with many unspoiled islands surrounded by a deep, clear blue sea and its waters are rich with marine life and an array of coloures.  Spend the day taking in the ambience of the French Rivera’s surrounding high rises, valleys and natural beauty from a distance while sipping cocktails from the boat.

Greece is the perfect place to charter a yacht for the day.  Soak up the Mediterranean sun and view its surrounding beauty from aboard a luxurious yacht.  Greece is considered a paradise for yachting, being surrounded by two beautiful pristine seas filled with more than 2000 islands and islets.  A visit to some of these small islands will give you the chance to swim in clear blue water and admire the marine life and the different colours of coral.  From the yacht you will be able to view many small beaches surrounded by huge cliffs or pine and palm trees forests.

Surrounded by an array of beauty, warm Mediterranean waters and sights that are purely breathe taking, Spain is the perfect day yacht charted destination.  The Spain Balearics yacht charter scene has become increasingly popular and the types of yacht charter available inMallorca, Palma, Ibiza, Formentera and Menorca are various.

The 3rd largest Balearic Island dotted with sandy beaches, hidden coves, cliffs with whitewashed houses.  Ibiza is a popular yacht charter destination and its location is perfect for day charters who would like to take in the beauty of this Island.  From the comfort of a luxurious yacht you will be able to see the terrain of Ibiza and locate where the cities are dotted on the island. A day charter to Ibiza will leave you completely relaxed.

Chartering a yacht for the day is the perfect way to see the places you otherwise would not see form land.  Depending on the yacht charter, food, drinks, boat charge and petrol are all included in a package price, but some boats charge for the above separately.  A day charter is the perfect way to see the island and its surroundings and to leave the busy atmosphere of land for a day.

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