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March 31, 2016


Advanced Tracking: Security at sea and in harbor.

A tracking device of the size of a car radio, it is very small with the planetary scales. But it is immense in terms of services returned to the yachtsmen who made the choice to equip their boat with it. Security at sea and in harbor everywhere in the world and 24/7, this is the field of intervention of the company Advanced Tracking.

Old professional Skipper Christophe Allan creates Advanced Tracking in 2004 in Hyeres.Used to sail the oceans and to deliver boats, he has the idea to offer to yacht owners to install on their boats a tracking device with related services.

“Our product answers to all the problems of tracking and security which a yachtsman can meet at sea or in harbor. Whether it is a question of dealing with the acts of piracy, theft, intrusions or situations of distress, the tracking device we install makes it possible to track the boat where ever she is in the world”. In France for example, any distress is redirected towards the regional CROSS (coast guard) with which the company has an agreement. “When a distress is received, we alert the CROSS and they will intervene. The tracking device is connected via satellite (Inmarsat) or mobile phone to our web application platform which makes it possible to locate the boat 24/24 and to use if needed the assistance of security companies. In some clicks, thanks to a login and password, the position of the boat appears on a world chart.

Private Tracking System

Locate and protect your boat with a GPS satellite independently. For all private yachtsmen and all marine professionals.


  • location near a landmark or within a geofence
  • locate your boat 24/7
  • weather forecasts, wind maps
  • distress button
  • historical reporting of locations

Charter Fleet tracking

Locate and protect your boat with a GPS satellite independently. For all charter and bare boat companies – yacht managers.


  • location near a landmark or a geofence zone
  • locate your boat 24/7
  • weather forecasts, wind maps
  • protection agains theft
  • historical reporting of positions
  • Manage your fleet

Telemedicine & Defibrillator

Telemedecine Remote and portable healtcare monitoring.

  • transmission via satellite
  • standard DO160 compliant


  • transmission via satellite to the medical consultation centre


Our flagship automated external
defibrillator, complete with
RescueCoach™ and CPR metro-
nome to pace chest compr

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