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Quantum99 Coatings
Quantum99 Coatings
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Engineered Marine Coatings was founded on the basis bringing to market a more current marine polyurethane system technology that would apply easier, deliver the highest level of gloss and gloss retention, maximize abrasion resistance for marine use and meet current and future environmental guidelines.

It is a fact professional applicators in the marine pleasure boat market are not satisfied with the current products available to them. These same products have been available since the late 1970’s and were difficult to apply then and continue to be difficult to apply to large surfaces like pleasure boats today. If a product is hard to apply, then it is likely to fall short of boat owner expectations in terms of gloss level, smoothness and gloss clarity. This will also contribute to the coating system service life.

Engineered Marine coatings is dedicated to providing the boat owner and the paint applicator with proven performance two part polyurethane paint systems for deliver the optimum look and performance for the yachting market.  Their polyurethane coating system for pleasure boats are called Quantum99

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What makes the Quantum99 Polyurethane technology different than existing polyurethane products? Until now, two-part yacht polyurethane products have come in two generic types. There has been either polyester polyurethane technology previously used on aircraft, or acrylic polyurethane technologies typically used on luxury automobiles. Each type has advantages and disadvantages. But it is 2014, not 1970. We don’t need to settle for yesterday’s technology.

Today it is possible to take the best of both worlds by engineering polymers that combine the best attributes of polyester polyurethane with the best attributes of acrylic polyurethanes. EMC² has taken Quantum99 from its proven performance in the aerospace market and made it applicable to the boating market. Durable, abrasion-resistant and flexible enough to move with the boat, it can be easily repaired via buffing/polishing during application and throughout its service life. It is glossy and long lasting.

How does silicone improve the performance of polyurethane? EMC2 has incorporated a unique form of silicone into the backbone of Quantum99.  This addition to the structure of the product enhances application and, more importantly, improves UV, chemical, and stain resistance.

Why is a proprietary flow control package important? EMC² has also engineered a Flow Control Package for Quantum99 Polyurethane to improve the wetting, atomization, and flow properties during application. By improving flow and leveling, Quantum99 maximizes gloss levels and gloss clarity. This, in combination with the best performance attributes of the polyester and acrylic polyurethanes, is why the product improves the application experience.

When is a high solids coating really a high solids coating? One final priority borrowed from the aerospace standards is to ensure Quantum99 is truly high solids. Many paint companies offer a so-called “high solids” polyurethane topcoat. More often than not, topcoat applicators find it necessary to add more and more paint thinner/reducer to get the coating to flow when it hits the surface of the boat. At that point the polyurethane is no longer “high solids.” The result is usually no benefit at all for the applicator. In the case of Quantum99 Polyurethane Topcoat, chemists have developed a proprietary Flow Control Package to replace the need for additional paint reducer. The proprietary package lowers the surface tension and allows the paint to flow better. This eliminates what is referred to as orange peel or roughness in the final paint surface.


What are the benefits of a high solids coating? Quantum99 contains less solvent, and more paint solids. This results in less solvent emissions upon application, as well as more paint protection per coat than traditional polyurethane coatings. Higher solids translate to less coats and therefore less labor for the boatyard and boat owner. All are positive benefits.

Quantum99 polyurethane topcoat is a hybrid two-component polyurethane topcoat that delivers aerospace quality to boats and yachts! What makes Quantum99 Polyurethane technology better than other, older polyurethane paints on the market? Quantum99 is formulated as a result of the latest aerospace BMS 10-125 specifications to deliver “best in class” protection for boat application. Quantum99 is a true “hybrid polyurethane,” combining the best attributes of polyester polyurethanes with the best attributes of acrylic polyurethanes. Quantum99 uses inorganic silicone fused in the polymer backbone to improve UV, chemical, and stain resistance. It also has a Proprietary Flow Control Package to improve surface wetting and flow without the need for extra thinners. This ensures the benefits of high solids that will adhere to the hull to protect the boat for a longer period. We are so confident our Quantum99 Polyurethane Topcoat System will outlast the competition, we offer a written warranty that is twice as long as the current market leader. Quantum99 is a quantum change in the quality of marine paint systems.

Quantum99 is a two-component acrylic-polyester hybrid polyurethane topcoat tailored for heavy duty and decorative marine environments.  This high solids topcoat provides superior protection and beauty to watercraft requiring maximum gloss, excellent chemical and weather resistance, excellent repairability, superior durability, and unequaled gloss clarity (DOI). Quantum99 is the featured topcoat for EMC’s Quantum High Solids Repairable Marine Finish System and is available in standard marine and custom colors. Not for use below the waterline.

• Ultra-high gloss and gloss clarity (DOI)
• Superior durability and abrasion resistance
• Acrylic-polyester hybrid combines aerospace toughness with automotive repairability.
• Longest in-service life
• Proprietary Flow Control Package improves flow, gloss, and gloss clarity
• 2x Solids = 2x coverage as leading brands
• High solids = fewer coats and VOC compliance
• Easy to mix/apply and excellent repairability
• Can be polished after application to remove dust, bugs, and imperfections
• Apply by spray, brush or roller
• Mix ratio: brush 2:1 spray 1:1

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Quantum99 Coatings


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