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KOR Water – Eco Luxury Custom Reusable Bottles

KOR Water – Eco Luxury Custom Reusable Bottles
United States of America
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You don”t have to sacrifice style to be “green”!  Our custom printed KOR bottles offer your guests an eco-luxury option that provides a reusable water bottle for them to fill up while they are on their excursion, as well as a lovely memento of their journey to take home after the cruise. How about matching bottles for your crew? The KOR bottles are attractive and have thoughtful features.  The Delta has a cap that can”t get lost that opens with the push of a button, a bottom rubbery ring so that it won”t slide off the table as easily, a hygienic wide thread-less mouth that is completely covered when you aren”t drinking from it, and a flip/twist combo cap for easy cleaning and filling.  Our New Nava line even has a filter for better tasting water while on the high seas!

I could go on and on – so check out our website and contact me to create something special for your yacht. YOUR LUXURY YACHT + OUR LUXURY KOR BOTTLE = ECO CLASSY!


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KOR Water – Eco Luxury Custom Reusable Bottles


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