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Heather Hawthorne

Heather Hawthorne
Heather Hawthorne
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15 year company providing professsional licensed and certified massage, spa and beauty therapists,

yoga instructors and personal trainers for yacht charter guests and owners.

Heather Hawthorne, LMTHead Massage Therapist and Director  of Charter Spa ServicesThe ocean can be one of nature’s most peaceful environments, inspiring relaxation and reflection. Your yachting holiday should be no exception. It is the perfect time and place to maximize your health and well-being. Why not make the most of your yachting experience by turning your charter yacht into a private health retreat and spa? Sounds difficult?…you’d be surprised at just how easy it is.

Heather Hawthorne, owner and director of Charter Spa Services, has been providing yacht massage and spa services for yachting clients since 1997. She is a U.S. and Australian licensed and highly-trained professional with over 15 years experience as a massage and spa therapist. She has transformed more than 80 of the world’s busiest and most prestigious yachts (Excellence III, Solemates, Troyanda, Fortunato, Oasis, Phoenix, Apogee, High Chapparal, Hurricane Run, Cloud 9, Lady Ann Magee, Mia Elise, Pegasus, see References) into private health retreats in literally, just a few hours.  Ms. Hawthorne has an established clientele of annual and repeat charter clients which includes international politicians, Prime Ministers, Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, Academy Award winners, prominent business men and women, high profile celebrities, musicians, elite athletes and professional coaches. 

altMs. Hawthorne says, “some of the most popular on board services to offer charter guests and yacht owners are massage therapy, beauty and skin care treatments, and fitness or yoga instruction. Many of the larger yachts have private treatment rooms and indeed, many of these yachts are being booked specifically for these features”.

She adds, “however, almost any size yacht can accommodate these services. If there is an extra sleeping area or bed, then the boat can accommodate a therapist and offer their guests their own private professional and highly trained and qualified therapist.  You don’t need a private spa or treatment room to enjoy extra special pampering and an extraordinary spa holiday”.
This unused yacht guest room transforms into a beautiful treatment room        This unused guest room is turned into a beautiful treatment room

“We can easily transform any yacht into a luxury health retreat and provide the ultimate in pampering services for charter clients interested in turning their ‘down time’ into ‘me time’. Our sole purpose onboard is to ensure your comfort and to enhance your yachting holiday. You can enjoy daily massages as well as a variety of other treatments and fitness, yoga or Pilates instruction, without ever leaving the privacy and comfort of the yacht. Your privacy is handled with discretion and confidentiality and is never in question or compromised”.

Each treatment is offered with the highest levels of personal attention and exceptional service. They are luxury spa services and reflect the requirements of an international repertoire of charter clients and yacht owners. Each bespoke treatment utilises the finest skin care products and essential oils available and includes the usage of hot scented steam towels and hot stones.

She adds, “everyone enjoys relaxing and being pampered while on holiday. Yacht owners and charter guests can spend your days relaxing and indulging in an array of pampering and holistic, therapeutic treatments including massage and skin care treatments or can invigorate your minds and bodies with yoga and fitness instruction. If there is a steam room or sauna on board, you can also enjoy traditional Turkish Baths and Asian exfoliation treatments. You can travel in style and luxury and return home in optimum shape, feeling relaxed, renewed and rejuvenated…exactly what holidays are for”.

Ms. Hawthorne offers yacht massage, spa therapies and yoga instruction personally on board during each charter but also has a team of exceptional professional and qualified therapists, familiar with the yachting industry, available for yacht charters, day trips and villa engagements. If Heather is unavailable, then we can provide a qualified spa professional for your enjoyment anywhere in the world. 
She adds, “We strive to make each guest’s experience special, one that is calm and relaxing…so they can leave their troubles behind and immerse themselves in the pleasures of the yachting experience”.

Charter Spa Services has been dedicated to the well-being of yacht owners and charter guests  Heather Hawthorne on <a href="mailto: *“> * or phone +61 412 265 281 or +44 787 2222 162.

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