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European Luxury Interiors Ltd – Silverware

March 31, 2016

With many hours of labour in each piece, our cutlery has the hand made feel to it and a quality of care and attention to detail fitting for a product of elegance. 

Quality cutlery is part of the fine dining experience, it is as important as the food itself. From Michelin star restaurants to five star hotels our cutlery augments the dining experience. The meal itself is not the only reason why the occasion is special. 

Of course, it is not just dining out where ELI can make a difference. Using ELI cutlery offers the chance to recreate the fine dining experience in your own home.


Sterling silver cutlery is designed to be used. It possesses inert properties that make it practical and aesthetic qualities that make it the most desirable of table top accessories. With regular use silver cutlery displays a most attractive ‘patina’, which is an optical effect, created by the multitude of very fine scratches that develop during normal use.

Our products:

cutlery, tea and coffee sets, vases, photo frames, trays, center pieces…


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