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San Diego

San Diego Yacht Charter Information

San Diego is a city located in the southeastern corner of the state of California and also the 9th biggest city in the United States. San Diego lies on the Pacific shores of San Diego bay about 12km from the United States’ border of Mexico. About 96 nautical miles from the southeast of the country’s largest Port of Los Angeles, the port of San Diego has one of the finest natural deep-water harbors in the world. Its notoriety has made it an ideal yacht charter destination and also a nice starting point for further cruises in the surrounding regions. The port of San Diego is protected by 2 peninsulas that separate the area from the Pacific Ocean. San Diego is a renowned yacht charter destination due to its wonderful climate, endless beaches, its proximity to Tijuana in Mexico and it is also home to the US Navy’s Pacific fleet. While yacht chartering in the area, you will find out that San Diego actively contribute for the leadership in the wildlife conservation movement and it nestles the world-famous San Diego , the Wild Animal park , and the SeaWorld theme park which are worth a visit. At about 100km from the sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles, yacht charterers who seek for sun, fun and relaxation would not be deceived. As it is a popular coastal community, you will also have the opportunity to visit La Jolla in the North of the city, a little paradise on earth, which offers chic shops, restaurants as well as some beautiful secluded coves, golden beaches and some dramatic ocean cliffs.

The constant and moderate breezes make the San Diego bay one of the most pleasurable sailing locations coupled with great skyline views and its spectacular sunsets. Yacht charterers sailing along the coast of San Diego will see homes of the rich and famous, sea lions, and the Navy base by the sailing routes to Malibu, Long beach, Catalina islands or the other big cities. You will also be able to watch or even photograph the most majestic creatures in the ocean, the whales. During the wintertime, you can see the humpbacks or the California grey whales, and at times you can also see the Orcas, dolphins and some occasional blue whale. Sailing further to Long beach, which is the largest man-made harbor in the world. There are numerous great beaches and the shoreline is spectacular especially at sunset. You will be able to visit the famous Aquarium of the Pacific and see over 12,000 animals, the Spruce Goose Dome with sea buoys loaded with sea lions or visit the Palos Verdes Peninsula to see marine life and the Seal Buoy. Or cruise further to the Terminal Island Federal Prison, Vincent Thomas Suspension Bridge and hopefully catch a view of the Los Angeles Fire Boats. In December, you can also see Parade of 1000 lights, which is a fantastic boat parade.

You can also sail to the Southern California, to the Channel Islands off of Santa Barbara to San Nicolas Island, Santa Catalina Island and San Clemente Island all due south. During the high sailing season in the winter, there are quite a few yachts puttering around, but there are plenty of moorings and places to put your boat should you want to tour the inland sites. The small towns and bigger cities stretched along this coast are fairly easy to navigate and offer some of the best melting pots of restaurants, pubs and bars in the Pacific Ocean. You can sail further to the Catalina Island which is part of the Channel Islands and is a short distance cruise to the Channel Islands National Park, which is comprised of 5 main islands. There you will enjoy the excellent beaches, the sun or simply visit the town of Avalon nearby which boasts hotels, restaurants and boutiques. You can also avail yourself of the many tours such as the world famous glass bottom boat tour, underwater ‘submarine’ style boat ride and more.

There are a large number of ports and marinas in San Diego, the port of San Diego lies on San Diego Bay in southern California, is located about 96 and 455 nautical miles southeast of Los Angeles and San Francisco, respectively. The City of San Diego lies on the north and northeastern side of the bay; National City and Chula Vista are south of San Diego on the east side of the southern part of the bay; and Coronado is on the southeasterly side of San Diego Bay. The opening to San Diego Bay from the ocean is between Point Loma which is a high-ridged peninsula on the west and North Island on the east. Yachts can enter the bay through the Entrance Channel, which passes Ballast Point on the east side of Point Loma. The Marina Del Rey is located between Long Beach and Santa Barbara is homeport to over 5,000 yachts and is considered to be the ultimate Pacific marina devoted to yachting. There are some good beaches, hotels, restaurants, shopping, boating and fishing. The Chula Vista Marina lies on the beautiful South bay, and it provides berths in a peaceful and quiet atmosphere away from downtown. The Chula Vista marina presents a tropical paradise with uncrowded waters, no boat surge and spectacular sunsets.


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