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Oregon Yacht Charter Information

Oregon is a state in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States, it is located on the pacific coast, with Washington to the North, California to the South, and Idaho to the East. Oregon is a place to be for yacht charterers who like to fish and many of its marinas are geared up to support this activity. The sea surrounding the coast of Oregon is rich with a wide range of fishes such as Halibut, Salmon, Tuna or Lingcod. In Oregon, there are many ways to be out on the open water along with all the amenities that yacht charterers would expect to make a perfect yacht charter trip in the Pacific Ocean. The area in Oregon is surrounded by natural landscapes which are often more abundant than the man-made counterparts. While yacht chartering around the region, you will have the opportunity to visit the city of Garibaldi which provides many fishing charters. From Depoe bay, you can make a natural stop on the California gray whale migration path , and enjoy whale watching and some sport fishing.

The beautiful promenade is an interesting spot which is worth a visit while yacht chartering in Oregon. There is a long stretch of wind-sheltered beach and some charming streets where you can stroll in a family carnival atmosphere. For more than 6 generations, yacht chartered come to visit the region because of its history which is rich and colorful and had last for over 100 years and there is a monument which is worth a visit in the middle of this picturesque and famed turnaround. The seaside sometimes gets crowded due to its commercial vibes, in spring it becomes notorious for kicking into high gear and during summer, there is a huge mass of youngsters who give the town an interesting dose of youthful madness. During the summer nights, the beaches are often crowded with bonfires which are often surrounded by youngsters having fun until dawn. Oregon experiences a typical temperate climate, but at time it is marked with some regional variations. The famous Cascade Range separates the state of Oregon into 2 broad climatic zones: the western third where there are heavy precipitation and moderate temperatures and the eastern two-thirds where there are little precipitation and some more extreme variations in the temperatures. The prevailing yacht charter season begins in Oregon from May and last till October.

Yacht charters itineraries from Oregon lead to many other interesting yacht charter destinations on the West coast. You will have the chance to visit the 2 natural harbors of California, San Diego and San Francisco bays. You can also continue your sailing route along the coastline and visit the Channel islands, the west of Los Angeles especially the Catalina Island. There is so much to see and discover during a yacht charter trip on any part of the region near Oregon and the sea life is abundant. Yacht charterers should be careful when visiting the bay of San-Francisco as the winds tend to blow in high speed at times; however there are also many sections of the bay where it can be more serene. In the Los Angeles basin, the winds are generally moderate and the air is warmer than San Francisco. Sailing further to the North of Oregon, you can also sail on the Columbia River. Yacht charterers can have numerous ports and marinas along the coast of Oregon. The Port of Astoria offers yacht charterers 2 mooring options – the West and the East basins, both of them are located 14 and 15.6 miles, respectively, from the mouth of the Columbia River. Both marinas are less than a mile from historic downtown Astoria. In addition to taxi and bus service, the Astoria Riverfront Trolley provides a unique transportation option to the downtown area, with its many shops and restaurants. For those who prefer to stretch their legs, a paved River Walk extends along much of the river front between the marinas and downtown. The Coos Bay City Dock is located at Coos Bay; in the state of Oregon on the Pacific coast and it also offer anchorage for yachts. You can find some beautiful beaches near the port such as the Bastendorff Beach, Sunset Beach, Horsefall Beach, Cape Blanco and the Shore Acre Gardens. The port of Newport marina is located at the center on the Oregon coast; it offers more than 450 moorage slips and all the types of services for yachts.

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