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Oceanside Yacht Charter Information

Oceanside is also known as the Gateway to San Diego, it is a beach town with over 3.5 miles of coastline and which spread inland in the San Luis Rey valley. It is a renowned yacht charter destination due to its warm sandy beaches, historic wooden pier and Cape Cod-style harbor village. The region is also known for its unlimited water sports and recreation offered, while at the same time it offers a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of the larger cities. Yacht charterers and visitors who use to visit Oceanside still experience the casual spirit why the Southern Californian’s beach is so legendary. Oceanside location in the West coast of the United States provides a perfect launching point for yacht charterers who want to explore the Southern Californian beach getaway; it is close to Disneyland, Legoland, San Diego Zoo, Wild Animal Park and also the Sea World. You will also find a variety of fun activities especially, the various water sports like surf or bodyguard in the rolling waves, outrigger or speed boat races. As it is considered as a hub of Southern California, Oceanside is also a short distance from the famous Southern California attractions and its surrounding areas. The region is also full of amazing discoveries where yacht charterers can visit by exploring its cultural heritage. From the outdoor amphitheatre to its historic museums, Oceanside cultural resources still vary from the classic to the contemporary; the artistic performances can vary from some fascinating theatre performances and also thought-provoking art. Oceanside also boasts one of the best climates in the world, with an average maximum temperature of 23.3°C and a minimum of 17.8°C.

While chartering a yacht in Oceanside, you will have the opportunity to choose between sailing towards further interesting destinations, sunbathe, picnic, watching the whales or dolphins or totally relax on your yacht, or do the 4 of them together! Yacht charter itineraries usually start by a cruise off to the Laguna Beach or Dana Point. Then, further to Santa Catalina Island and discover its amazing beauty. It is a beautiful Mediterranean-like full service islands and its fantastic village rising up in the mountainside from the sparkling bay. After sailing you can find anchorage out at the numerous remote coves and beaches and enjoy various activities or dine-out in one of the restaurants. On your yacht charter route, you can also find the famous grey whales of the west coast which migrate in Baja, Mexico in the fall and to the Alaskan waters in the spring at about 1 to 5 miles offshore. You can also see the porpoises at times. The Oceanside harbor is located in San Diego County on the Pacific Coast at the mouth of the San Luis Rey River about 57 kilometers north-northwest of the Port of San Diego and some 106 kilometers southeast of the Port of Los Angeles.

The Oceanside harbor is one of the prettiest in Southern California and there are at least 900 boats which are visible from the scenic roadway that meanders past. There are fishing and whale watching excursions, boat rentals, boat launches, and a fishing pier. There are some good restaurants on either side of the harbor and it is recommended to eat at Joe’s Crab Shack, Rockin’ Lobster, Jolly Roger, or Monterey Bay Canners. The Oceanside is also renowned for its beach, the Harbor beach which attracts many visitors every year. The Oceanside Yacht Club is the friendliest in the United States and the world invites you to join the friendliest yachters in this beautiful harbor. The yacht club includes two levels of multipurpose rooms, a comfortable lounge, a deck overlooking the harbor, and a dining galley. Every day of the year, the Pacific Ocean provides some of the best drama to be found in any theater. Yacht charterers can enjoy the Yacht Club’s panoramic view of Oceanside Harbor and the majestic mountains of Southern California from this gateway to the Pacific Rim.


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