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Rhode Island

Rhode Island Yacht Charter Information

The State of Rhode Island and the Providence plantations are commonly known as the Rhode Island. It is located in the New England region on the East coast of the United States and is the smallest state comparing to the other areas.

The region is bordered by Connecticut to the West and Massachusetts to the North and East. It also shares a water boundary with New York’s fisher’s islands to the southwest. Like most parts of New England, Rhode Island is notable for the great variety of its natural beauty, cultural richness and social history.

It is a renowned yacht charter destination in the US East coast. The first image that arises when visiting Rhode Island is the Newport’s fabulous Gilded Age Mansions.

Another well-known image of Rhode Island is its long kilometers of sandy beaches which stretch along the Atlantic Ocean, followed by the famous Narragansett Bay and the revitalized cultural jewel which is called the Providence, the capital city. In Providence, you will see near the Waterfront Park the popular water fire celebrations.

While yacht chartering in the area, you will be enticed by the vineyards and summertime polo competitions in the town of Portsmouth in the North of Newport.

With its 400 miles of coastline, Rhode islands is a perfect cruising ground to spend days on the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and discover some interesting destinations which are located a few nautical miles away.

As a famous yachting capital of the northeast, Newport in Rhode Island is the perfect starting point to wander through the various historic villages with their mansions from the bygone era and see the classic yachts lined up along the waterfront.

For yacht charterers who love sailing and have a passion to discover the new and exciting experiences, Newport is the perfect starting point to start an unforgettable sailing adventure. About 12 nautical miles from the coast of Newport lay Block Island, which is a renowned yacht charter destination for day trips.

Half of Block Island will remind you of Key West and the second half will lead you to the farming communities of New England. Another few hours cruising will lead to the island of Nantucket.

Then there is Martha’s Vineyard with its beaches which range from quiet, secluded coves to some rugged stretches of coastline. Inland, you can find various golf and tennis courses, miles of paved hiking and skating trails.

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