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New York

New York Yacht Charter Information

The state of New York is located in the Mid-Atlantic and the northeastern regions of the United States. The area is surrounded by some major cities by all sides. To the South, there are New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and to the East there are Connecticut, Massachusetts and Vermont.

New York is considered as a vibrant and eclectic place in the US, there are an incredibly diverse range of things to see and do, but there are unfortunately only a few attractions like no other places.

When visiting the area, you will find that New York can be anything a visitor wants it to be, this is for this reason that countless people from around the world have pinned their dreams on this amazing place. It is the most visited place in the United States and a renowned yacht charter destination in the eastern coast.

However, no visit in New York is really complete if you do not visit the 3 most famous places: the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and the Ellis Island immigration museum.

During a visit to New York city, it is important to have the New York pass, as it is will give you the privilege to visit the most popular places in the area. You will discover that New York City is home to the top-notch museums in art, architecture, photography, natural history, television, radio and technology.

You will have the unique opportunity to visit the famous Metropolitan Museum, the well-known History museum, the Guggenheim Museum, Museum of Modern Art, Van Courtland House Museum, or the Museum of Sex.

New York is also a renowned paradise for shoppers. You can find anything and everything in the numerous stores scattered throughout the city where you can seize the unique opportunity to shop Tax Duty on items like clothing and shoes.

Visiting New York City aboard a yacht is an unforgettable sailing experience for most yacht charterers. From the New York Harbor or the Hudson River, you will have an amazing view of the beautiful Manhattan

A yacht charter itinerary in New York is not limited to Manhattan Island or the famous Staten Island; you can continue your sailing route to visit the other 3 dozens of islands which are scattered throughout the city’s waters.

Each of the New York islands is rich in history and has a unique identity and they are home to people, birds, mansions, national monuments and even a prison. The islands stand alone in the water and are integral part of New York City.

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