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Maine Yacht Charter Information

Maine is a state located in the New England region of the northern United States and is bordered by all sides. To the southeast, there is the Atlantic Ocean, New Hampshire to the Southwest, the Canadian provinces of Quebec to the Northwest and New Brunswick to the northeast.

The region of Maine is blessed with America’s most beautiful and magnificent coastlines. It offers numerous offshore islands, some deep water harbors and wild glacier-carved bays that contribute to create the dramatic beauty of its rocky shores which are smooth from end to end and stretch along 3500 miles.

Along its seascapes, there are many fishing villages, famous summer resorts and some picture-book colonial towns with a thickly settled southern coast and wilder untouched scenery to the northeast.

Another suitable introduction to Maine is the old and famous city of Portland whose atmospheric downtown boasts numerous restaurants and gallery scene. The region of Maine is a famous tourist resort in this part of the American East coast and also a renowned yacht charter destination.

While visiting the area, yacht charterers will discover the eastern side, where the mid coast offers a wide range of old shipbuilding villages, academic settlements and some pretty harbor towns.

And further to the East lies the Acadia National Park, a major yacht charter destination with a spectacular island dotted with mountains, lakes and fjord-like estuaries and coves. Beyond, there are some scarcely- visited peninsulas and jagged cliffs which run East to Canada.

During a yacht charter cruise in Maine, you will surely have ample of time to visit the Mid Coast which is worth a visit for yacht charterers. You will discover numerous seaside resorts, charming villages and amazing panoramas.

Those who are fond of outdoor activities can go kayaking, sail on the famous windjammer or take trip visit the spectacular islands by enjoying the sightseeing seals, whales, puffins and dolphins.

Yacht chartering along the coasts of Maine is an unforgettable sailor experience. As you arrive in the region, you can drop anchor in some of the secluded coves as the morning light reaches Cadillac Mountain, or sail up Somes Sound, the only ford in the East, with the wind at your back.

You can sail further to visit the over 3000 islands and the 3500 convoluted miles and miles of coastline. The cruising possibilities in Maine are wide and one of the best things when yacht chartering in the waters is the vast number of coves and harbors which are available for exploration.

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