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Samoa Yacht Charter Information

Samoa is an archipelago located in the western part of the Samoan islands which lies in the South Pacific. The 2 main islands of the archipelago are Upolu and Savai’i which is one of the biggest islands in the Polynesia. The capital city of Samoa, Apia is located on the island of Upolu. Samoa is a major tourist resort in the South Pacific and has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the area. The region is dotted with steep rocky trails with overgrown maws of extinct craters, lush undergrowth sprawling plantations which are clambered into some eerie lava tubes, spectacular multicoloured corals and varied marine life which are in the shallow waters of its deliriously lovely lagoons. Samoa is also a renowned yacht charter destination in the Southern Pacific and it is an excellent cruising ground for the sailors who visit the area. Some of the beaches in the area are so stunningly beautiful that one may just want to fall over and pretend to be a piece of driftwood. The isolated valleys in the hinterlands host some amazing waterfalls that plunge into idyllic swimming holes. Upolu is well-known for its fascinating rainforests and sea-cliffs, while Savai’i is renowned for its amazing lava flows. A visit in Samoa will make you appreciate the enigmatic physical nature of both the islands. Samoa experiences a distinct tropical climate dotted with plenty of sunshine and also with plenty of rain. As the archipelago is dotted with many small islands in this vast part of the Pacific Ocean, the weather patterns are quite impossible to predict. As the average temperature lies between 25°C and 33°C through out the whole year, there is no specific time that you can visit the area.

During a visit in the area, visitors and yacht charterers alike will discover some of the best scenery in the South Pacific with high mountains, numerous secluded bays and vibrant tropical rain forests. The sightseeing opportunities in the area are endless both in the independent Samoa and the American Samoa. You can spend some excellent day trips on your yacht by visiting Upolu and Savaii’i islands and if you have enough you can also sail towards the other exotic destinations nearby. You will have the opportunity to choose between the various water sports activities offered. You can enjoy some surf in the 3 most popular beaches which are dedicated to surfers: Saoluafata harbour on the northern coast of Upolu, Maninoa Beach Fales in the South and Ananoa Beach which lies on the south-east coast of Savaii. You can also enjoy excellent snorkelling and diving in the famous Palolo Deep Marine Reserve which is located in Upolu, and also at the beaches from Safotu to Manase. In Savaii’i, you will have to go to Lesoto Point and Tuasivi to have best diving spots. You can also enjoy some excellent fresh water swimming at Falefa Falls, Fogaafu Falls, Papase’ea Sliding Rock (a rock slide down a waterfall) or the Puila Cave Pool. Samoa also hosts some good shopping opportunities and in some of the various shops, you can buy the traditional products like the tapa cloth (made from mulberry bark and painted in the native dyes), baskets or mats. You can also purchase some interesting Samoan stamps at the Philatelic Bureau. You will find some excellent restaurants, bars and nightclubs in Apia. You can also enjoy the Teuila which is a popular festival held in early September.

As a major yacht charter destination in the area, yacht charterers will have the opportunity to visit and explore Samoa in a different view. In Upolu, you will find the finest beaches and beautiful countryside in the South Pacific. Most of the yacht charter itineraries in the area have their starting point at the famous Apia harbor which is located on Upolu Island. Apia is the nation’s major port and the only city in the area, yacht charterers who set anchor in the area, you can seize the opportunity to climb to the famous Mt Vaea and pay homage to Robert Louis Stevenson. You will also find a good fish market and if you have enough time have a drink at the famous the RSA Club. Sailing further at about 20km to the northwest, you will reach Savaii’i and can easily drop anchor at Asau which offers some good anchorages for yachts. You will have the opportunity to see the famous Polynesian ruins, freshwater pools with very clear water, white beaches, waterfalls, lava fields, volcanoes and a lot of traditional Samoan life. You can also sail towards the tiny Manono Island which is located near Upolu and which is sheltered with the reef and offers some good beaches. This tiny island has 4 small and beautiful villages.

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