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Nauru Yacht Charter Information

Nauru is located in the deep, blue Pacific Ocean waters to the North of the Solomon Islands. It is in fact an uplifted coral formation at about 21 Sq km and lies at about 40km to the South of the Equator. Formerly known as the “/pleasant island’’, and is now abbreviated more prosaically as RON. Nauru is actually the World’s smallest a nation in the region of Micronesia in the South pacific. Its nearest neighbour is the Banaba Island in Kiribati which lies at about 300km away. The inhabitants of this tiny potato shaped island were once among the World’s richest, as they supplied Australia with abundant fertilisers for almost a century after some vast phosphate deposits were discovered in the area around 1900. However by 2005, there was a reversal of fortune and Nauru became a nearly failed state with an uncertain future and was dependant on injections of cash from other countries to keep afloat. In spite of its misfortune, Nauru offers some excellent glimpses of its former “/pleasantness’’ with the beauty of the island. The region is dotted with a wild surrounding ocean and there are numerous sea birds swooping and dipping over various green inland cliffs. There are also several remnants of the Japanese previous occupation which are scattered around the island and some enormous skeletal remains can still be found in the mining infrastructure are truly remarkable. Like most of the Micronesian islands, the island also hosts some picturesque palm trees which line its numerous pristine beaches. The island boasts about 30km of coastline, which are ringed on all sides by the amazing expanse of the Pacific Ocean. The area is dotted with sandy beaches which rise to a fertile coastal belt around its raised coral reefs. The inland is dotted with some unique moonscape made up of limestone pinnacles. Due to the beauty of its coastline, most of the visitors come to enjoy the deep fishing activities, for bird watching and also for its excellent diving. Nauru is also a well-known yacht charter destination in the South Pacific.

During a visit in the area, yacht charterers will find a wide variety of activities to choose from. You can seize the occasion to relax at Anibore Bay which is the most beautiful beach on the island, however precautions should be taken as the sea currents can be dangerous at times. As soon as the yacht charterers set anchor at the Anibore Harbour, they will find the best bet for some safe swimming as most of the surrounding beaches are rather shallow and rocky. There are also a large number of water sports activities offered and most of the visitors head out to the sea and try their luck at some game fishing too. You can also have the opportunity to climb to the famous Command Bridge, which is the island’s highest point where you will have a fantastic view of the entire country. For those who are more interesting in history, they can also seize the occasion to visit the remaining spots of the former settlements of the island like the famous Japanese guns, the bunkers or the Pillboxes which has been left over from the World War II. You can also take a look at the island’s most bizarre interior, where the years of the phosphate mining have exposed the jagged coral pinnacles leaving them a lunar-like landscape. There are no many shops in the area; however you make some provisions at the largest supermarket on the island which is called Capelle’s. During your visit, you will also have near at hand a large number of restaurants which serve a wide range of dishes, especially the top Chinese dishes. Some of the surrounding hotel, offer some Western food and it is also the place to find most of the international brands of alcohol.

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