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Christmas Island

Christmas Island Yacht Charter Information

Christmas Island (or Kiritimati) is an atoll located in the Pacific Ocean in the North of Line Islands and forms part of the Republic of Kiribati. Christmas Island comprises of over 70% of the total area of Kiribati and is a nation which encompasses 33 pacific atolls and island. The island is a pincer-shaped and is considered as the world’s largest coral atoll. The land is dotted with multiple shimmering salt flats and lagoon shallows set in a dry windswept landscape of salt brush and coconut palms which is glaringly bright and dusty and impressively desolate. Christmas Island is also one of the world’s greatest sea-bird sanctuaries and is home to a million of birds of over 18 species and the lagoon hosts a dazzling array of marine life. The Christmas has a rich and colourful history, the Captain Cook arrived in the area for a brief visit on the 24th of December 1777, and hence gave the island its name. When he arrived in the area, he found that there were remnants of the early Polynesian visitors but there was no apparent sign of a permanent settlement. The island was largely unvisited until 1850, when the American phosphate interests and New Zealand copra and pearl-shell companies. In 1880, Christmas Island became part of the British colony and officially became part of the Gilbert and Ellice Islands colony in 1919. Today, Christmas Island is a major tourist resort and is also considered as a perfect yacht charter destination in the South Pacific.

Christmas Island hosts a large number of tourist attractions and is a perfect destination where most of the visitors come on holiday and spend their days in complete peace and serenity. During a yacht charter trip in the area, you can visit the famous National Park which covers about 60% of the area. The National Park hosts a wide variety of flora and fauna. The Red crabs are one of the rarest species that can be found in the World and they come to migrate in the region during the month of November. You can also visit the Flying Fish Cove, the area where the British settlement was established in 1888. The Flying Fishing Cove is a large city and host more than 1/3 of the population of the area. There is also a small harbour which provides some good facilities for yacht charterers who come to visit the area. Christmas Island is also home to a wide number of good beaches which are also one of the most popular attractions on the island. The most popular beaches in the area are Lily Beach, Dolly Beach, Greta Beach and Ethel Beach. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy some good diving, surfing and sailing in the area. For surfing, visitors can enjoy some Long boarding and Short boarding.

Most of the yacht charterers who visit the area, can find good anchorage at the Flying Fish Cove which is probably one of the World’s deepest anchorage. There are some permanent deep-water moorings have been put down to hold ships off the rocky shore. The ocean swell makes tying up on a jetty impossible. The mooring buoys are attached to anchors, some up to 350 m deep. Half a dozen yacht moorings are laid in shallower water, 30 meters or so, very close to the majestically steep forested foreshore. Christmas Island is an excellent cruising ground for most yacht charterer, as they will have the opportunity to visit the 3 separate groups of islands nearby. You can sail towards the Gilbert group which is made up of 16 islands and atolls and also Banaba (Ocean Island) which lies at about 400 km to the southwest of Tarawa the capital city of Christmas Island. There is also the possibility to visit the other Line Islands like Fanning Island (Tabuaeran) or Millennium Island (formerly Caroline Island). Sailing further, there is also the Phoenix Group which is worth visit when you sail in the area. The group comprises of 8 islands and the most visited spots in the area are Canton Island (Kanton) and Hull Island (Orona).

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