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American Samoa

American Samoa Yacht Charter Information

The American Samoa is a southernmost territory of the United States located in the South Pacific which forms part of the Samoan island chain. It is located in the West of the Cook Islands, to the North of Tonga and at about 300 miles to the South of Tokelau. The American Samoa is a vastly underrated tropical destination in the South Pacific. There are numerous mountains ridges, some wonderfully peaceful bays, soporific villages and one of the World’s most remote, uncluttered and utterly beautiful and amazing reefs and beaches. It is a renowned tourist destination in the South Pacific and once you land on the main island which is called Tutuila, you will easily get beyond the imported Americana. As a popular yacht charter destination, you will love the main settlement of Pago-Pago, the capital city,

and enjoy the shadows cast of the spectacular peaks crowding around its deep-water harbour which offers the best protection from the strong winds which are in all the South Pacific islands. For many yacht charterers, Pago-Pago is the cheapest location in the entire region where they can stock up food and most of the essentials. Adding to this the anchorage there is free for 7 days and after which a fee should be paid to the Port Authority.

While visiting the area, yacht charterers will have the unique opportunity of a lifetime to set foot on one of the virtually untouched strips of sand in the outlaying Manu‘s Islands which will surely seduce their senses. There are only few world-wide experience compared to the feeling that you will get when you emerge from the superb, coral-filled waters off the famous Ofu Beach. From there you can look up and see nothing in the horizon apart the turquoise waters, the sea birds crisscrossing the faces of the enormous cliffs and the hulking silhouette of Ta’u way off the oceanic distance. If you are a hiker keen on checking out some of the highest sea cliffs in the World which are located on Ta’u, you will be transported into a history buff wanting to see your first star mound. For leisure seekers, the American Samoa offers a deep appreciation of its beach life and you will be glad to visit this unsung paradise in the South Pacific. You can also seize the occasion to make some special purchases which include the famous Tapa cloth, the puletasi (women’s dress) or lavalava (men’s costume) which are made by the local dressmakers. And also some beautiful shell beads and purses, woodcarvings, woven laufala table and floor mats, carved kava bowls, which are the Samoan records and duty-free goods. Visitors will also have the occasion to taste the traditional dishes in the area like the Fia fia (suckling pig, chicken or fish) or the palusami (coconut cream wrapped in taro leaves). You can also have a good time in one the numerous nightspots with music and dancing.

The American Samoa offers numerous white sandy beaches, which are excellent playgrounds for any water sports like swimming, diving, snorkelling or kayaking. It is particularly recommended to visit the most famous places of interests like the Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary which was established to protect the coral reefs and marine life in the area. You can also enjoy some hiking on the 2 famous coral atolls and on the 5 volcanic islands that make the American Samoa. During your exploration, along a number of marked trails, the road will lead you onto the lush interior of the beautiful islands, especially to the famous National Park of American Samoa where you can also arrange for some guided trips to the volcanoes. The National Park itself lies in Pago Plaza and the park spread across the 3 islands: Ofu, Ta’u and Tutuila. Ta’u Island is also considered as the birthplace of the Polynesian people and is also considered in the area as a sacred site. You can also visit the Tulu village which is lies on the East of Tutuila which offers a spectacular view of a long coastline of white sandy beaches and reefs. The Amanave village is also a renowned area in the region which is famous for the rugged beauty of its volcanic coastline. While sailing your yacht to towards the North coast of the island of Tutuila, you will come across the famous Forbidden Bay, which is claimed to be one of the most beautiful bay in the entire South Pacific. You can also visit other interesting yacht charter destination in the area like Alofay Bay, Carter Beach or Leone Bay. The surrounding waters in the area offer excellent game fishing for marlin, yellow fin tuna, skip jack and wahoo.

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