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South Pacific

South Pacific Yacht Charter Information

Sail amongst some of the most beautiful islands in the world, where the water is clear and clean, the sailing conditions just right, and the anchorages and places to cruise outstanding. In the vast blue Pacific Ocean between the Hawaiian Islands and Australia lie some of the most beautiful, unspoiled yacht charter destinations on the planet. Proceeding westward across the Pacific from Polynesia to Melanesia, there are the majestically beautiful islands such as Tahiti, The Kingdom of Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu, New Zealand, New Caledonia and finally the welcoming Whitsunday Islands of Australia.

Chartering a yacht in Tahiti and French Polynesia introduces you to a friendly climate, peaceful waters and wonderful lagoons which invite you to relax and unwind. Swimming and diving with the colourful tropical fishes will be an experience of a lifetime especially as the seabed is visible through 30 meters of gorgeously clear water. New Caledonians lagoon and ocean waters are perfect for sailing, with deserted islands, reefs, atolls and cays waiting to be explored. The Pitcairn Islands are the remotest populated place in the South Pacific. The only access to these islands is by sea and therefore a perfect destination for a yacht charter. Easter Island is a magical, mysterious, captivating place with a wealth of beauty both man made and natural. On the North coast take in the tallest moai to stand on Easter Island at Ahu Te Pito Kura and explore the inviting white sands of Anakena beach. The three restored statues at Caleta Hanga Roa harbour are not to be missed and whilst you are there. Dare to adventure into Ana Kai Tangata, the cannibal cave at the waters edge of Rano Kau. Some of the highest sea cliffs are on Orongos south side near the volcano. Apart from New Zealand in the far south, the Pacific Islands are tropical in climate and experience only small fluctuations in temperature.

The South Pacific is below the equator so the seasons are reverse to the northern hemisphere. The main charter season is generally from about April to November but can also often run most of the year with hurricane season being well forecasted. The South Pacific Islands are a vast area for yacht charter, with almost endless things to see and do. The Pacific Islands and their people are unique in culture and tradition. The most obvious thing each island has in common is the islanders friendly and hospitable nature whereby visitors arriving on sailing charters, are treated as honoured guests. The South Pacific is gaining increasing popularity as a top yacht charter destination – the warm azure waters, the white sandy beaches, the abundance of sea life in the aquamarine lagoons, swaying palm trees, crayfish and lobster fresh from the sea.

Be it American Samoa, Samoa itself or the Christmas Islands, the South Pacific is somewhere that must be chartered at least once. Other surrounding areas that are not to be missed are Kiribati, Nauru and Tokelau.

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