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Surin Islands

Surin Islands Yacht Charter Information

The Surin islands (Mu Ko National Park) is situated in the Andaman Sea at about 40km from the coasts of Phang Nga and Ranong provinces and about 55km in the southern peninsula of Thailand.

The Surin islands comprise of Ko Surin Nua, Ko Surin Tai, Ko ReeKo Glang (or Ko Pachumba) and Ko Khai (or Ko Torinla).

Ko Surin Nua and Ko Surin Tai are the 2 largest islands in the archipelago and lie on a north-south axis. At about 100km from the Mu Ko national park, lays the Myanmar border. Ko Surin Nua (the northern island) and Ko Surin Tai (the southern island) are located adjacent to each other and are commonly known as the twin island.

There is only 200m width of shallow sea that separate the 2 islands. The other islands of the Surin archipelago are rather rocky islands and are dotted with dwarf trees, and some rare rainforest plants.

The Surins islands are a renowned yacht charter destination in the South East Asia and attract many visitors every year. The surrounding islands and the beauty of the coasts and the crystalline waters make the archipelago an ideal yacht cruising playground. The best time to charter a yacht this fascinating Mu Ko Surin National Park is from December to March.

The 2 islands are also home to a tiny fishing community called Chao Le. Ko Surin Nua and Ko Surin Tai have more than 10 bays among which the most famous are Mar Khai (or Mae Yai Bay) which is renowned for its serenity and Ao Luk (or Deep Bay), on the other hand is famous for its deep dark green waters with a most beautiful coral reef in the shallows.

Ao Luk offers splendid shallow corals as well as sea weeds, sea flowers, coral lines, and various species of fish. There is also a Sea Gypsy Village (Singha or Morgan) nearby.

The 2 main islands in the Surin archipelago, Ko Surin Nua and Ko Surin Tai are both located at about 70 km northwest of Khuraburi and less than 5km from the Thailand’s marine border of Myanmar.

The Khuraburi port is the main gateway for yacht charterers who want to visit the Surin islands. This is due to its proximity to the archipelago (about 40km) and it has also a busy fishing pier.

Yacht charterers can also depart from Phuket from Patong beach or from Chalong bay. Most of the yacht itineraries from these 2 destinations offer trips to visit Koh Tao, Koh Phangan and Koh Samui islands.

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