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similan Islands

similan Islands Yacht Charter Information

The Similan islands are an archipelago composed of 9 islands and lie at about 45miles in the Northwest of Phuket in the Andaman Sea.

For divers, the best time to visit the Similan archipelago is from October until May. The 9 Similan granite islands are a treasure for paradise hunters as it is dotted with some of the World’s finest white coral-sand deserted beaches, some tropical jungles and are surrounded by clear, warm blue water and a fantastic aquatic life beneath.

The Similan islands are a renowned destination for yacht charterers sailing in the Andaman Sea and the islands make it an alluring cruising ground. Yacht charterers will find numerous scenic moorings around the area which make it easier for them to explore each of the 9 islands.

During a yacht charter cruise in the Similan islands, you will have the opportunity, to see the whale sharks, the large cow tail rays and the leopard sharks that are common in the region.

The Similan islands are an ideal cruising ground in the South East Asia. The archipelago is composed of 9 islands, the southernmost island is known as: Ko Huyong, Ko Payang, Ko Payan, Ko Miang, Ko Ha, Ko Payu, Ko Hin Pousar, Ko Similan and Ko Bangu.

There are 2 sites which form part of the rocky ridge that runs away from the Similian island of Ko Payan, which is also known as the Boulder city or the Shark fin reef.

During a visit in the area, you will see some large fishes such as the bump head parrotfish, napoleon wrasse and leopard sharks. There are also some beautiful fan coral gardens decorate the passages between the enormous granite boulders.

Sailing further to Ko Huyong, which is also known as the Beacon point or the Beacon beach, you will discover a rock on the surface resembles a face (the Thai name is Na Ling – monkey face), and if you descend here, you find huge boulders from 20-35m on a white sandy bottom.

On the eastern side of the island of Ko Bangu, commonly known as the Breakfast Bend, you will find more healthy and beautiful hard corals. The fish life on the island is abundant, especially bannerfish, damsels, groupers and hunting trevallies who dart into clouds of tiny baitfish.

Your safety stop can continue in the shallows where you should keep an eye out for turtles. This is also a great night dive site. The Fantasea Reef is also a famous yacht charter destination in the Similan islands.

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