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Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay Yacht Charter Information

Phang Nga is a town located in the South of Thailand. Phang Nga bay lies on an area of 400Sq km and is positioned between Phuket Island and the Malay Peninsula. The province of Phang Nga has 2 distinct characters: land and sea and is packed with numerous national parks that guard the magnificent scenery with immensely variable attractions.

The Phang Nga bay is an ideal spot for expedition of sea canoes to explore the numerous fascinating caverns with their own eco-system. The coastal region offers some attractions of different kind, the surrounding islands of Surin and Similan are renowned yacht charter destinations due to their beautiful unspoilt beaches and spectacular underwater scenery which also attract divers from around the World.

During a yacht charter cruise in the region, you will see that there are numerous places that are worth a visit. Do not miss to stop at the Phang Nga town which is the provincial capital and is renowned for its unique charm. Near the town, you can also visit some interesting spots like the Khao Chang (Elephant Mountain), Phung Chang cave or the Reusi Sawan and Luk Seua cave.

You can also visit the famous and fascinating waterfalls of Kapong such as the Lamroo waterfall, the Hin Hahd waterfall or the Sang Tong waterfall. There are also numerous historical sites which are worth a visit during your stay in Phang Nga bay, the most famous are the Old Sala Klang (provincial hall) or the temple of Wat Narai Nikayaram.

As sailing is a popular activity in Phang Nga, at times there are organized regattas in the region starting in Phuket. However the best way to discovers the over 100 islands and to really enjoy the amazing beauty of the place is to take out a paddle canoe. Phang Nga bay is the perfect spot for yacht charterers and diving enthusiasts.

During a yacht charter cruise along the bay, you will be able to explore the filming location of ‘’James Bond 007- Tomorrow never dies’’. James Bond Island and Koh Pannyi are just 2 of the more famous spots in this bay.

By far the best way to enjoy the beauty of these islands is to take one of the yacht charter trips from the northern end of Phuket. The national parks are also very interesting sites that are worth a visit. The Mu Koh Surin National Park, which is a group of 5 islands: Koh Surin Neua, Koh Surin Tai, Koh Ri, Koh Kai and Koh Klang, located in the marine boundary between Burma and Thailand in Khurabuti.

You can also sail further to visit the other inhabited islands of Phang Nga bay like Koh Hong, the most popular island, Khao Khien, located near Koh Pannyi and which is worth sailing past to see the ancient paintings of boats and animals on the rock walls. Koh Maak is also worth a visit; it sits near the top of the bay and is home to a small community of fisher folk who maintain a traditional way of life.

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