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Malaysia Yacht Charter Information

Malaysia is like 2 countries in one, it is located in the Southeast Asian Sea, separated by the South China Sea into 2 regions: the Peninsular Malaysia and the Malaysian Borneo which is also known as the East of Malaysia.

The region experiences a tropical climate due to its proximity of the equator. Within and throughout these 2 regions that separate Malaysia, there is the beautiful city of Kuala Lumpur which is also the capital city of Malaysia.

Malaysia is a renowned yacht charter destination and since a couple of years there has been a growing number of marinas and yacht clubs throughout the coastal regions. Over the last few years, the region has become an established sailing destination with events such as the annual Royal Langkawi International Regattas.

While yacht chartering in Malaysia, you will discover that there is a variety of spectacular sailing destinations to choose from. The West coast is an open gate to the beautiful Langkawi and its archipelago of 99 islands and the cultural and historic island of Penang.

Yacht charter cruises often start at Langkawi which lies on the Eastern coast. It is a great place to start a charter cruise as the waters of the Andaman Sea are considered to be a renowned sailors’ paradise in this part of the Malaysian coast.

There are many islands near the island’s Eastern coast with safe anchorages and along the busier West Coast ports like Port Dickson, Port Klang, Lumut or Penang. You can sail between the islands, enjoy the beautiful beaches and explore the lagoons.

Another option is to sail north to the islands Ko Tarutao, then to the west to Ko Rawii, Ko Adang or Ko Butang beyond the Thai frontier. Butang is a renowned paradise for snorkeling.

You will also have the opportunity to visit the famous Langkawi archipelago with its 99 islands which also offer good sailing conditions and a good selection of protected anchorages.

During a break on one of the islands, you will have the chance to explore beautiful beaches, the many different islands, some excellent seafood, jungles and a World class diving and snorkeling paradise.

You can continue your sailing route to reach further South, the Tioman islands which are located about 20 miles off the southeast coast of Malaysia

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