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Los Roques

Los Roques Yacht Charter Information

Los Roques is an archipelago which lies at about 80 miles to the North of the Caribbean coast of Venezuela. It consists of about 350 islands and islets, all the 50 islands are made up of flat coral sand keys in the exception of Gran Roque which is of volcanic origin. The islands are surrounded by a large shallow lagoon, while most of the coral reefs fringe the outer edges of the archipelago.

Los Roques is a major tourist attraction in the Caribbean, most of its visitors are attracted by the numerous activities offered. The coral reefs are of special interest to both the professional and the recreational scuba divers. Sport fishing, windsurfing are also renowned in the area and sailors consider Los Roques to be an interesting yacht charter destination due to its proximity from the mainland. Some of the other other attractions in the area are the Virgen del Valle celebrations, which is held in the second week of September each year and the famous Lobster Festival which commemorate the beginning of the lobster-fishing season in November.

During your visit in the area, it is particularly recommended to visit the Los Roques Archipelago National Park, a marine ecosystem of exceptional beauty and great ecological value dominated by the coral reefs, mangroves and sea grass beds. The National Park is the largest marine park in the Caribbean Sea and without a doubt one of the most beautiful natural areas found in Venezuela. On the island of El Gran Roque which is made up of only 3 sandy streets, you will find some shops, posadas (local inns) and a few restaurants.

You will also have the opportunity to sail in the crystal clear waters of the archipelago, where you will spot the coral reefs of different colors and shapes against a background of white sand and deep green marine flora. All 50 islands in the archipelago are dotted with numerous virgin beaches, amazing coral reef and lagoons.

Diving enthusiasts can also sail towards La Guasa which is one of the most popular diving spots in the area. It is formed by 2 large rock formations, ideally positioned one in front of the other and there are 2 levels available, 8 and 30m deep. Between the 2 rocks there are breaks where you can see the extraordinary sea plants and the beautifully colorful fishes.


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