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Venezuela Yacht Charter Information

Venezuela is a tropical country which lies on the northern coast of South America. It is a continental mainland which consists of numerous islands located off its coastline in the Caribbean Sea. It is bordered by Guyana in the East, Brazil to the South and Colombia to the West. Several countries like Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada, St. Lucia, Barbados, Curaçao, Bonaire, Aruba, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and the Leeward Antilles lies to the North, off the Venezuelan coast. Venezuela is considered as an amazingly diverse country from the peaks of Andes to the long stretches of sunny beaches, the beautiful Caribbean islands, the hustle and bustle of the busy Caracas, the capital city, to the vast areas of the Amazon Rain Forest. It is a renowned destination for yacht charter cruises and also for the numerous water sports available. Most visitors who come to visit the area find that Venezuela offers a different way of life. In fact, it is what most people is just dreaming until you have tried a yacht charter cruise around the unspoiled sunny southern Caribbean islands or tried a trip to a jungle which has been discovered only 70 years ago. The southern Caribbean islands near Venezuela have been kept intact since 40 years ago. Yacht charterers will discover that Venezuela has more coastline and islands than any other destination in the Caribbean. They will have the opportunity to visit the most famous islands like Los Roques, Las Aves, Isla Aves, Tortuga Island, Orchila, Blanquilla, Los Testigos, Cubaqua, Coche, Los Frailes and Margarita Island.

The strategic location of Venezuela on the northern coast of South America makes it a perfect place to discover numerous places to see and is set on the stage for an unforgettable vacation. The country is dotted with a large number of mainland memories and island getaways which are enhanced by the surrounding wildlife and greenery as well as an engaging allure of a perfect tropical climate. Within the entire area of the Latin America, Venezuela is known as one of the most urban hot spots to check out during a yacht charter vacation. You will find many historic buildings, architecture, landscape and monuments scattered all over the land creating an exciting and enlightening exploration of the surrounding areas. Yacht charterers can visit the central area of Venezuela where they can find some great beaches and visit large cities like Miranda or Vargas. The Angel Falls which is located in Guiana Highlands are also worth a visit. It is one of the highest waterfalls in the World and also the biggest attractions found in the country. The Canaima National park, the Southern Venezuela and the Orinoco Delta are the top places that most nature enthusiasts will surely love. As most Venezuelans are mad about shopping, you can also seize the occasion to explore the most famous social activity which revolves around the glitzy malls in the urban areas. Most shoppers flock to Isla de Margarita, particularly the town of Porlamar, to take advantage of the island’s duty-free status. You will also discover the rumba (revelry), and the after-hours entertainment which is a highly developed art. The evening’s activities usually start with a couple of cold Polars or rum cocktails at a bar, followed up by a night of dancing. You will also have the opportunity to taste the local cuisine like the famous comida criolla, a mixture of roots and vegetables with yams, yucca, plantains and beans.

During a yacht charter cruise in Venezuela, you will have the opportunity to visit the coast of Venezuela which reveals a succession of islands and wild coves each different from each other. You can sail to Margarita Island, which is the capital of nightlife and duty free and the famous archipelago of Los Roques which is a perfect cruising ground for yacht charterers and a coral jewel for divers. You can also have the opportunity to fish in the open sea which is well-protected by the large reefs. You can reach Los Roques at about a half hour from the capital city Caracas. Gran Roques is the only inhabited island which lies at the West of the offshore islands and its cruising area incorporates Los Roques and Las Aves archipelagoes. Los Roques is considered as the biggest marine reserve archipelago in the world, it is dotted with a special flora and fauna, white sandy beaches and clear turquoise warm water. Puerto La Cruz which lies on the northern coast is considered as the center of yachting in Venezuela. There are more than 6 marinas in the area and the most important sailing areas from Puerto La Cruz include La Tortuga, La Blanquilla, Margarita, Mochima national Park and Los Testigos.


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