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Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo Yacht Charter Information

São Paulo is the world’s 3rd largest city and the largest metropolis in South America. With its rival Brazilian city Rio de Janeiro it has often been compared to New York and Los Angeles. São Paulo has always overwhelmed the senses of its visitors with its sheer size, and if Rio de Janeiro has gained fame for its striking natural beauty, the most famous attractions of São Paulo lie in its people and vibrant cultures. It is a more a cosmopolitan city than its counterparts, São Paulo offers a significant ethnic minority communities in the South America, including the substantial Japanese, Italians, Arabs and Lebanese Christian neighborhoods. As Brazil’s most modern cosmopolitan city, São Paulo has so much to offer to its visitors: Outstanding cuisines, the finest museums in the entire South America, coastline which are graced with numerous lovely beaches and an entertainment and nightlife which for many years have drawn some of the best performers in the World. In recent years, the city of São Paulo has evolved by making Brazil own martial art, the famous Capoeira, whose dance-like motions are performed to music. The Martial art has its own traditional instruments: drums and the berimbau, a stringed rod used to keep time. It is often said that in order to keep their art alive, the slaves turned the original Capoeira into a dance and the berimbau, which had warned of an approaching master, began to accompany the dance itself.

Since the late 1920s the Capoeira was still outlawed and practiced only underground; today, it is a well. Today it is a well dance performance and a much-loved spectacle in São Paulo. It is a renowned yacht charter destination in the South America and attracts millions of visitors and yacht charterers every year. During a yacht charter trip in São Paulo, you will be overwhelmed by the numerous places to visit and the various activities you can enjoy while visiting the city. The city is centered on the Praça da Sé which is a stone mark symbolizing the ‘’point zero’’ of the city. You will have the opportunity to visit the main sights of the city which is influenced their special Italian, Japanese and Arabic neighborhoods. Among the most famous neighborhoods, you can visit Jardins, Itaim or the Ibirapuera Park. All the neighborhoods have their own characteristics and it is really worth a visit and you can enjoy some excellent dishes in some of the small restaurants or just have drink in one of the numerous bars. Most of the Brazilians say that the Paulistas (the locals of São Paulo) live to work and eat, this is probably true. The array of nationalities living in the region of São Paulo has made it a legendary city among the gourmands: Japanese, Italian nuova cucina, Brazilian, Chinese, Jewish, and Arab restaurants are all familiar parts of the city landscape.

The food in the area is considered as the best in the country and rivals that of any major capital in the world. It is particularly recommended for those who like meat, to try the Rodizos (a barbecue) or the Feijoada (a dish made of Pork and beans). As São Paulo is also considered as a party town, you can also get stuck in the traffic in the middle of the night and visit one of the various bars and nightclubs. Discover Rio de Janeiro’s Tropical Island where you will see As São Paulo is a renowned yacht charter destination the South America, it offers a large number of choices in terms of destinations. You will have the chance to visit Andra Dos Reis where you will see some spectacular views from the lovely natures that is offers. There are also some magnificent buildings from the colonial past and many more interesting places to discover. You can further to visit Rio de Janeiro especially near the city of Itacuruca where you will have easy access to visit the Rio de Janeiro’s tropical islands which host various animals and many other wonders of the nature. While yacht chartering along the coast of Rio de Janeiro, it is recommended to pass by Botafogo Bay, Mam Museum , São João Fort, Copacabana beach, Niterói , MAC Museum , Fiscal Island and the famous Praça XV Square.


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