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Salvador de Bahia

Salvador de Bahia Yacht Charter Information

Salvador da Bahia is a city located in the northeast coast of Brazil and is also the capital of the northeastern Brazilian state of Bahia. Salvador da Bahia has an energy and unadorned beauty that few cities can match in South America; it is often said that it is the capital of happiness to its easygoing population and countless outdoor parties, including the famous street carnivals. Often called simply Bahia by the locals, it is the Afro-Brazilian jewel and the once most magnificent capital of Portugal’s great New World colony. Salvador da Bahia is an exotic tropical city that encompasses everything from deserts and rainforests. It is a major tourist resort in South America and has over 50km of Brazilian’s top resorts with hundreds of natural swimming pools which are surrounded by numerous coconut groves. The main resorts are Ondina, Rio Vermelho, Amaralina, Pituba, Armação, Corsário, Jaguaribe, Piatã, Itapoã, Stella Maris, Flamengo, and Alelu. Also known as a renowned yacht charter destination as it is considered as an ideal and essential starting point for yacht charters towards further destinations towards Morro de São Paulo which lies at about 30 miles away and for the famous Bay of Camamum about 60 miles to the South. The area is considered as bliss for most yacht charterers as there are a large number of well-protected anchorages, white sandy beaches and warm turquoise waters.

During a yacht charter cruise in the Salvador da Bahia, you will discover that the city center is like a living museum as it is home to various 17th and 18th century architectures and gold-laden churches. It is well-known that Salvador has long been the nexus of an incredible arts movement. Yacht charterers will discover that there is no other place in the World where the descendants of African slaves have preserved their heritage as much as in Salvador. The African heritage is everywhere in Salvador da Bahia, in its music, religion, food, dance and martial art traditions. Faithful to its name as the city of happiness, there are wild festivals which happen frequently, where you will hear drum corps pounding out some powerful rhythms against the backdrop of the numerous colonial buildings almost every day. At night, the famous Capoeira make circles forms on the plazas and open spaces, while you will appreciate the scent of the acarajé (fried beans and shrimps) and other African delights fill the evening air. In many some other places in the town, a different spirit flows through the crowd of visitors and locals as the religious followers celebrate and ‘’reconnect’’ with the African Gods during the mystical Candomblé ceremonies. You can also discover its nightlife at Pelourinho in the old city downtown. It is particularly recommended to try the streets of Rua das Laranjeiras, Rua Castro Rebelo and Cruzeiro de Sao Francisco. There are also some secure streets where you can find numerous good bars and enjoy some live music as most of the animations are performed outside. The carnivals in Bahia are fervent in its expressions and tradition as it is in Rio de Janeiro, however it is rather different. The carnival in Bahia have their own distinct characters, they mainly based on musical and have a more folkloric expression; they are centered in Trio Electricos, with musical cars carrying the top musicians and the famous singers of the area.

As a renowned yacht charter destination, Salvador da Bahia offers an excellent cruising ground for sailors. Yacht charterers can sail along the biggest bay of the state, Baía de Todos os Santos where they can cruise along the islands of Ilha dos Frades, the Ilha de Maré (pillow lace making decor), the Ilha de Bom Jesus (with waterfalls and coconut palms) and the large island of Itaparica. Sailing further, they can reach the Tinharé Island, where the Morro de São Paulo is located. It is one of the most important touristic points in Bahia, yacht charterers will find more than 25 miles of beautiful beaches, surrounded by tropical forests, with clear waters, coral reefs and a multicolored fauna, great to swim and dive. Then there is the small island on the side of Tinharé Island is separated by Rio do Inferno (Hell River) which is known as Boipeba. There are more than 20 km of paradise beaches from Morro de Sao Paulo. It’s an incredible trip. The final destination is in Camamu Bay which is Brazil’s third biggest bay, after Todos os Santos (Bahia) and Guanabara (Rio de Janeiro). It is a sanctuary of preserved nature and wild life, with beautiful landscapes, mangroves, forests and many islands. With constant winds and deep calm water, the bay provides good conditions to sail and many safe points to anchor.


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