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Angra dos Reis

Angra dos Reis Yacht Charter Information

Angra Dos Reis is located at about 150km from the Southern coast of Rio de Janeiro and has an archipelago of about 365 islands and over 2000 beaches. The biggest island which faces Angra Dos Reis is Ilha Grande which means ‘’the Big Island. Angra Dos Reis is often considered as a little paradise and is considered as a discrete refuge for international tourists who seek for the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. Angra Dos Reis offers some spectacular views, mountainous terrains which are covered by lush Atlantic Rainforest. The region offers many graceful coves and sandy beaches, beautiful little islands and crystal clear water. As the town of Angra Dos Reis has been continuously settled since the early 1500’s, it also offers many lovely old buildings from the colonial past when it is a great port and agricultural centre in Brazil. Angra Dos Reis is considered as one of the world’s best international tourist destination and offers the best cruising grounds for yacht charterers who visit Brazil. Today, it has a living fishing harbor and offers 2 major marinas and a great number of private docks for yachts. Most of the charter fleet for the entire southern area of Rio de Janeiro is based at Angra Dos Reis, due to its spectacular and renowned cruising ground and perfect tropical climate.

During a yacht charter trip in the area, you will have the unique opportunity to cruise to the numerous islands, and on your sailing route stopping for a swim at times in the enticing turquoise blue waters. Ilha Grande is the most prominent island in the archipelago and is a very popular destination for affluent people from Rio, Sao Paola and worldwide. Also as a perfect yacht charter destination, many visitors keep their yachts or boats on the island on a permanent basis. The area is easy to navigate and offers many safe anchorages behind each corner.Most of the visitors and yacht charterers who come to visit Andra Dos Reis stick on the Ilha Grande. As part of the Ilha Grande state park natural reserve, the island aim is to protect the Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil. Most of the construction projects and urban development on the island are strictly controlled and ecotourism is encouraged; this contributes to offer a myriad of dirt trails, coastal villages, lodging hamlets and numerous beaches. During a yacht charter trip on the island, it is worth considering that as the island is undeveloped, it is better to carry cash to enjoy your vacation completely. The beaches on Ilha Grande are considered to be the best in all Brazil and also as part of the best bits of the Atlantic coast. During a visit on the island, it is worth considering a visit at the Art Gallery inside the Vivenda das Bromelias Inn, the Aqueduct and of course, the Brazilian equivalent of Alcatraz, the Candido Mendez Jail which is in ruin today.

The island also hosts about 30 restaurants where you will find some specialties of the region which are mainly based on seafood; however you can also find some different dishes. You can also visit the numerous nightclubs which are famous for serving the local beers in some copious amount, or the Guarana, Brazil’s number one soft drink or the Caipirinha which will definitely get a Yacht Charter party started. You will find many Live bands playing anything from Bossa Nova to Samba. You can also seize the occasion to do some interesting shopping to the famous souvenir shops in Villa do Abraão. A yacht charter trip to Ilha Grande will not be complete if you do not visit the most famous beach of the area. In fact the Lopes Mendes beach was voted as one of the 10 best beaches in the world by the famous Vogue Magazine a couple of years ago. This is due to its stunning setting, the crystal clear waters which are shallow a long way out, thus making them perfect for surfing. When you are done with toasting in the sun, you can go snorkeling, kayaking, sailing, diving or hiking on the many trails of the island. After having visited most parts of the Ilha Grande, yacht charterers can sail towards the other islands. And it is often said that even though most of the islands are covered with forests, it does not really mean that there are no interesting sights to discover!


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