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South America

South America Yacht Charter Information

It is difficult to imagine a yacht charter vacation anywhere with more spirit than South America. South America truly is alive with passion. The culture is filled with music and it is not unusual for someone to break into spontaneous song or dance. The natural beauty and animal life is also well renowned. What better way to experience all this than on an ever increasingly popular South American yacht charter.

To accompany the culture, you will find some amazing and diverse landscapes. Miles and miles of stunning beaches flatter the coast of Brazil. South America offers nightlife comparable to the best in the world. It is a yacht chartering adventure waiting to be discovered.

Visit heaven-like islands, bays and beaches and practice your favourite water sports in crystal-clear, warm waters.

In Brazil, you can navigate all year long. 8.500 km of coast bathed in glowing sunlight feels like summer all year round. There are thousands of beaches, bays, natural harbours and islands, most of which are uninhabited

The coast of Venezuela reveals a succession of islands and wild coves, each different from the other. From Margarita the capital of night life, to Los Rogues which is known as the coral jewel. The large reef will protect you while fishing, snorkeling or just lazing about in the water.

Los Roques Island is one of the biggest marine reserves in the world with very special flora and fauna, white beaches and clear turquoise warm water. Venezuela is born with a natural wealth above and under water. Los Roques is protected by a Great Barrier Reef that surrounds all of the Islands which makes sailing a chartered yacht safe and pleasant.

Puerto La Cruz is the centre of yachting in Venezuela. There are over six marinas where you will find all the services needed for your yacht charter.

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