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Red Sea

Red Sea Yacht Charter Information

With year round warm water and constant wind, sailing over the turquoise waters of the Red Sea is the perfect get-away, whether for gazing on the beautiful volcanic islands or just listening to the rush of the waves against the yacht. The Red Sea is known as one of natures last frontiers and is a favourite location for avid water sport enthusiasts. The Red Sea has something for everybody, whether you are looking for a family vacation in the sun or you are a devoted diver wanting to explore remote areas rarely visited by most holiday makers, the choice of sites are immense. Chartering a yacht in the Red Sea is a special experience in every way. The Red Sea is the tropical sea for Europe stretching over 2,350 kilometres, at the very end of the Great Rift Valley that begins in Southern Africa, the fringing reefs of this historical region hold 400 species of coral and a 20% endemic fish population.

On your chartered yacht cruise to Taba and explore the Pharaohs island. Walk through the ruins of the castle and enjoy a swim in the crystal blue water around the island. Then saill to Safaga and visit the Karnak Temple, the Valleys of Kings and Queens and other amazing sites. The lagoon of Sharm El-Sheikh and the crystal clear waters are waiting to be explored. Around Tiran Island the gorgeous sandy white beaches and ample colourful coral reefs are a treat. Sharm El-Sheikh provides the Na’ama beach which is the centre of tourism activities, Shark’s Bay is nearby, the small harbour known as Sham el-Moiya is located next to the civil harbour and has ample docking space for yacht charters. For those who adore shopping, the malls are exquisite and it has been said that it is a must for all diving enthusiasts. Cruise from Naama Bay to the Near Garden and Far Garden, passing over the top of beautiful Red Sea coral reefs. Hit the water at Sinai’s famous Ras Mohamed National Park, where an abundance of underwater life is waiting to be discovered. Spend the day snorkelling, swimming or just relaxing on the deck of your yacht, the choice is up to you.

Sailing in Hurghada offers you an experience of raw beauty, with crystal blue waters, colorful coral reefs, and exotic lagoons. Relax under the blazing sun on the deck of your yacht, watch colored fish, or snap loads of pictures. There are many interesting sailing destinations in Hurghada. If you like pristine diving, wonderful people, and orange sunsets, the Red Sea is the place to be. Marsa Alam, where the Arabian Desert meets the Red Sea, is a tropical paradise with palm trees, mangroves and sea coasts fringed with barrier coral reefs. Sightings of spinner dolphins, dugongs and hammerhead sharks are a frequent occurrence for those who venture into its waters.

Guide your yacht charter to Jordan, the most beautiful winter tourism area on the shores of the Red Sea or to Eritrean, where ruined buildings mixed with new, border the harbour. Eritrean is home to five of the world’s seven turtle species. The old town of Massawa is now a sleepy place with southern European stone architecture dating back to the colonial Italian days. Which ever direction you choose to take, the Red Sea will not disappoint.

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