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Norwegian Fjords

Norwegian Fjords Yacht Charter Information

The Norwegian Fjords feature some of the longest, deepest, and narrowest and the most beautiful fjords in the world and in Norway, there are literally thousands of them. The Norwegian fjords are renowned yacht charter destinations when visiting Norway and they feature the most popular destinations in the area. The area is unspoiled and the numerous quaint cities and towns scattered all over the coastal lines will punctuate your cruise. The numerous small towns and villages scattered in the area, together with the spectacular bridges and natural attractions that will take your breath away. From Bergen’s intriguing and bustling fish market and the charming and amazing buildings of Tromso’s famous Arctic cathedral and the Stavanger cobbled lanes, each and every destination where you will set anchor in the area has a charm in its own. It is particularly recommended while visiting the area, to take a trip to one of the various viewpoints along your sailing route and look down upon your yacht. During a visit in the Norwegian Fjords, the roars of the waves will accompany you almost all the way, you will have the unique opportunity to discover and enjoy the soft beaches of Jæren in Rogaland, to discover the lush skerries of Hordaland and also the numerous mountains, glaciers and fjords in Sogn og Fjordane and the peaks and cliffs teeming with nesting birds on the Møre coast. The Coastal road of the Norwegian Fjords is a stretch that hugs to the shore along the entire coast of the Western Norway (also known as the Fjord Norway), from Kristiansand to Trondheim.

The Western Norway offers some sheltered areas with some tidal currents where the fish usually bite, and along your sailing route, you will have the chance to see various sea eagles hovering over the cliffs where the breakers meet the shore. You can also get closer to the elements of your visit in Norway and take part of a guided kayaking trip or have a walk along the well-marked coastal parks. Or you may simply lie on one of the warm rocks by the shore and listen to the seagulls and the lapping of the waves. For over 100 years, the Norwegian Fjords have always been visited by cruise ships and yachts from all over the world. In the beginning, the Norwegian Fjords were considered as a destination in Norway reserves for the rich and wealthy, who sailed along the coast in their private yachts. The Norwegian coasts were also a perfect destination for the young adventurous people who came in the area hiking around on small steam ships and fishing boats that tied the small communities up to cities like Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim. At first, most of the tourists came in the area to explore the Fjords and the rivers and enjoy some excellent salmon fishing. Salmon fishing in the area was the sport of the Lords, and still now, during a visit you can see traces of the ‘’Lords cabins’’ in the narrow fjords which are close to some of the richest salmon rivers in Norway. Yacht chartering in the Norwegian is becoming increasingly popular and there are a large number of yachts which come in the area to sail northwards from Bergen and also southwards from Kirkenes.

It is a fascination yacht chartering experience, as you will also have the opportunity to visit more than 35 ports between the 2 cities only. Most of the yachts sail in either the various narrow passages or the open sea, and the scenery in the area is fascinating and is acknowledged all over the world. The same sailing route can be experienced aboard a private yacht which measures ideally from 50 to 70ft in order to reach easily the narrow places and pass through the shallower waters. Yacht charterers will also have the chance to discover the various small communities in the area where some of which have barely changed at all since the first adventurers visited the places more than 100 years ago. You will also have the opportunity to explore the numerous small shielded fishing villages with some gourmet restaurants and small museums taking you back to the hard, wild life on this demanding coastline. The legendary peace and quiet in the small communities on most of the islands is amazing. The people of the Norway West coast have always taken advantage of the area’s rich resources in terms of nature. During a visit in the area, you will comm. Across a diverse land ,you will have the occasion to see the ancient hunting communities which date back since prehistoric times, the famous Viking legacy, the fisher-farmer traditions and also the today’s hi-tech production of fish and energy.

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