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Norway – North Sea

Norway - North Sea Yacht Charter Information

Norway lies on the western side of the Scandinavian Peninsula, it is a mountainous forested lands dotted with some deep fjords cutting into its coast. It is by standards one of the most beautiful countries on earth and is a country at a crossroads, although it is blessed with natural wonders and significant wealth, Norway’s situation is in which many countries in the world would love to find themselves. Recently, there has been an increasing irrevocable movement of the Norwegians towards the larger cities of the area which are themselves places of great beauty like Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger and Tromsø which are worth a visit. Norway is a renowned destination in Europe and, the wilderness of the country is what attracts more of the visitors, it has become more of a leisure pursuit and form part of an idea of the Norwegians’ embrace to and explore with great fervor. Nowhere is it more evident than in the Norway’s famous National Parks, which have become shining symbols of the Nation’s desire to protect the environment as much as they are showpiece of the country’s peerless landscapes and otherworldly natural grace. Norway is also a well-known yacht charter destination in the area, and sailing is a major attraction especially into the Norwegian fjords, where you will discover a landscape that very few places in the world can offer. High above, the water and glacier form beautiful waterfalls that dance down the almost vertical mountainsides. The stretches of the famous Fjords and mountain areas of the West coast of Norway are also on the UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites, and the bold colors and fresh air lead many visitors and yacht charterers alike to declare these areas among the most beautiful anywhere in the world.

During a yacht charter trip in Norway, you will have the unique opportunity to see the renowned northern lights which is considered as a jaw-dropping and mystical moment for most visitors. You will also have the occasion to see that the sun never sets in Norway during the summer months and this is also why Norway is often called the ‘’land of the midnight sun’’. Yacht charterers can go on a midnight sun cruise in the middle of the night or join a safari or play golf inland till late. Norway is considered as a land of nature lovers dotted with breathtaking fjords and glaciers, during a visit in the area, you will have a large variety of nature activities to choose from skiing, fishing and rock-climbing. Those who may be less energetic can simply marvel at the beauty of the numerous Norwegian country sides, which are dotted with countless steep-sided valleys, high mountain lakes and unforgettable views. Norway’s 4 major cities also offer a distinct appeal; you can visit Oslo which is the present-day capital and financial centre of the area. Or Bergen which is a picturesque former Hanseatic trading port and also the gateway to Fjordland, Stavanger which is the focal point of the Norwegian oil industry and also Trondheim which is a long established centre of Christian pilgrimage, and more recently, technical research. You will also have the occasion to taste the local specialties in the area like the Brunost (sweet brown cheese made of whey), the Lutefisk (the famous baked preserved cod), or the national drinks like the aquavit or the Lagerol.

Norway is a renowned for its breathtaking Fjord landscapes, and most of the yacht charterers visiting the area like to explore the Oslofjord, which lays on the coast on the North Atlantic or simple charter their yacht towards the offshore archipelago of the Lofoten best. The Lofoten archipelago consists of 80 islands which are located in the Atlantic at about 190 miles to the north of the polar circle. You can find some excellent yacht charter bases in Bodoe, Tromso or on the Lofoten archipelago. You can also sail towards Oslo which lies to the North, it extends at about 60 miles southwards all the way to Skagerrak strait. The fjord is a popular sailing beat with its numerous harbors, islands, branches and bays. There is more than 2000 km of the coastline in Norway, and the country faces the Arctic Ocean, the Skagerrak Sea and the North Sea out to the west. During a yacht charter trip in the area, you will have the opportunity to discover many of the hidden corners of Norway; many declared UNESCO world heritage sites. With spectacular rivers and mountains, making it an unforgettable holiday and sailing destination. The southern Norway also shows up three very attractive sailing areas with the Fjord of Oslo, the “/Hvaler”/ Islands and “/Sörland”/and the many harbors are fascinating but also hidden bays for anchoring your yacht.

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