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Northern France

Northern France Yacht Charter Information

Most of the sailors either experienced or heard some endless stories about the beauty of France. Chartering a yacht along the coastal regions of France is the best that France has to offer, and as the French Mediterranean Coast may be the most renowned spot in France, in terms of a greater sailing experience, the Western coast of France like Brittany is probably superior and is also home to a greater number of yacht charter bases. As a major yacht charter destination in France, the Northern coast covers the entire area of the North Sea and a part of the Atlantic. Morbihan is also an excellent yacht chartering spot with its warm and sunny climate, and it also hosts about 50 inhabited islands with some white sandy beaches and great anchorages. There are also a great number of things to explore and to see with its beautiful old traditional towns and villages which are often found up the little rivers and creeks scattered everywhere. Normandy is often compared to the other destinations as a modest land; however it is an excellent cruising ground for sailors. Its coastline is immense and if you include the mainland, there are roughly more than 50,000, numerous fjords and with all the indentations, it measure at least 21,925. Like most of the charter areas in the Western Europe, the yacht charter seasons in the Northern of France run normally from May till September.

For most of the visiting sailors practically each side of France has its special attractions and the Atlantic calls for more attractive navigations and this brings its rewards by a large number of natural harbors and inlets to visit. Although the Northern coast of France is spectacular, it can at times be dangerous as there are many off lying hazards, some strong tidal streams and frequent gales in the area. This is more than made up for by numerous attractive ports like Morlaix, St Malo or Lezardrieux. The western coasts are divided into 3 distinct areas and the most popular and picturesque lies on the famous Brittany coast which consists of numerous navigable rivers and the Morbihan inland sea. The central area to the Gironde has also some interesting islands as well as some great rivers, which are commonly called Loire and Gironde lead into the inland waterways. The low-lying area stretches to the Spanish border is also an appealing spot for most sailors. It is particularly in the northern coast at St Malo, Ouistreham (near Caen) Le Havre, and Cherbourg, while on the Atlantic coast Brest, La Trinité, La Rochelle, Lorient and Bordeaux where you will find the best services for anchoring a yacht. The most popular yacht charter spots in Brittany lies in Lorient or the Port de Crouesty. The Gulf of Mobihan is quite shallow but it is scenically a very attractive spot in which most yacht charterers can spend an entire week exploring.

You can charter your yacht in the entire region in which remains the bygone Norman and the Breton cultures can be visited which are renowned for their scenic beauty. You will also have the chance to taste the famous Breton cuisine where you can taste a large variety of seafood which is outstanding in this particular area, and the oyster banks also attract many visitors where you will never find shortage of cidre. Further to the South, you can find some good anchorage at the Port les Minimes in La Rochelle which is also the second –largest yacht harbor in Europe. Again thanks to the Gulf Stream, the climate in this particular area is relatively mild and the region of the Charente-Maritime is also home to a large number of French boat builders’ yards. La Rochelle is an over 100 years old town and most of the inhabitants still live on shipping and this can be found by its whole culture, the townscape, the decoration in bars and restaurants is very maritime. Most of the sailors are recommended to take their time to visit the Old Town; they can moor their yachts directly at the Vieux Port which is located in the center. The sailing waters in the area are well-protected by the numerous offshore islands of Ile d’Oleron and Ile de Re. The various ports of call in the area are absolutely worth one’s while and there are numerous picturesque villages like St Martin on the Ile de Re that are worth a visit. There are also many restaurants scattered near the harbor. At St Denis d’Oleron, the car-free islet of Ile d’Aix is dotted with a large anchor bay and the ones travelling upstream can discover a town which is rich in tradition with the historic flair of Rochefort.

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