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Netherlands Yacht Charter Information

Netherlands is a country located in the western of Europe and is bordered by the North Sea between Belgium and Germany. It is often called Holland, especially in the European countries, and the familiar name of Holland actually refers to the country’s 12 provinces. It is often said that there are not many countries with so much land below the sea level than Netherland, the area is flat, laden with canals and is densely populated and yet renowned for being a very liberal country. Netherlands is considered by most visitors as an intriguing country, and it is home to more museums per square meter than any other country. It is also a renowned yacht charter destination in the North Sea. The Dutch has always been an old seafaring nation with various traditions and as it lies partially below the sea level and has some excellent maritime infrastructure. Often found on the various bascule bridges, there are a large number of ships and yacht in the area. The most important yacht charter ground in Netherlands is the Ijsselmeer which is mainly based in Lemmer. The Dutch inland sea is good, and it is safe for beginners and children. However there are the tides which rule the sailing routine especially in the Wadden Sea, but there is hardly any difference in the waterline. Since the Dutch are water enthusiasts, the harbors are overcrowded between May and September and during weekends. However during the week there are hardly any crowds even during the main season. There are bars and restaurants, often the typical fish stalls, almost everywhere ashore. During bad weather there are fishing and shipping museums and lots of other places of interest to visit.

Netherlands provides a large number of interesting destinations and place to visit and explore, most of them are noted for their unique history and attractiveness. During a yacht charter trip in the area, it is recommended to start with the main Dutch cities like Amsterdam, which is also the capital of culture, where there are a large number of coffee shops and canals. The mesmerizing beauty of Amsterdam is hard to overestimate and yet surfeits of stunning metropolis are only a few miles away. You will have the opportunity to visit the numerous scenic canals, the various world-classed art museums, and enjoy some great shopping at the city’s famous “/Red Light District’’ or taste some local specialties at one of the many trendy restaurants and bars. It is also important not to miss the opportunity to visit the famous Anne Frank Huis, Van Gogh and the Rijksmuseum museums. You will also have the occasion to visit Delft which is considered as the most preserved historic towns in Netherlands. It is renowned for its canals, walkways and famous pottery. Most visitors spend time at the Koninlijke Porceleyne Fles (the Royal Dutch Delftware Factory).The market features many shops selling pottery of various qualities and there are also a number of good restaurants. Outside most of the cities of Netherlands, you will find numerous national parks, and sheep patrolled polders which are perfectly complimented by some shimmering lakes, sandy coastlines and chain of windswept islands to be visited.

Yacht chartering is a major attraction in Netherlands, and most of the cruising activities are concentrated in the IJsselmeer, Wadden Sea and Frisian Islands, an area of sand dunes, intricate channels and picturesque ports. While chartering your yacht in these areas, you will find a large number of historic and beautiful seaport towns which are worth a visit. The western part has deeper water and most of the keeled yacht has access everywhere, whereas a shallow draft is essential in the eastern part. The Ijsselmeer opens up to the tidal Waddenzee waters.

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