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Hamburg Yacht Charter Information

Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and is considered as the gateway to the world for centuries. It is located at the confluence of the Alster and the Elbe Rivers and has a direct link to the North Sea at about 100 km downstream. Hamburg hosts the biggest and the busiest harbor in Germany and it is no wonder that the harbor has grown the leaps and bounds which started since the 12th century and have made it the most important port of the country. The German’s biggest port has always outward-looking and its dynamism, multiculturalism and hedonistic red-light district the famous Reeperbahn all arise from its fascinating maritime history. Hamburg has joined the Hanseatic League trading bloc in the Middle Ages, the long standing duty free port of Hamburg as they often call it , has been enthusiastically doing business with the rest of the world ever since. Even though it is still overshadowed internationally by Berlin or Munich, domestically Hamburg is known as a natural achiever. Due to its easy-going and self-confidence, Hamburg is as wonderful city to explore. The city hosts a large number of museums which includes the famous Deichtorhallen, which is a world-renowned exhibition gallery, the Altonaer Museum which is devoted entirely to the culture of the city, the northern Germany and the Hamburg museum which are devoted to the history of the city. The nature lovers will find themselves in paradise when visiting the famous Planten un Bloomen, which is an outdoor park with its large variety of flower displays. Hamburg is also considered as a major yacht charter destination in the Germany, and most of the sailors stick to some of the numerous beaches and small beach clubs scattered along the coast.

Hamburg is the largest German Sea port and yacht chartering in the area is a major attraction. It is also the most Eastern sea port in the North Sea and is considered as an open tidal port. There are no locks in the Elbe estuary and practically ships of all sizes can navigate at full speed in the area. From the entrance to the Kiel Canal, Hamburg lies another 35 miles to the southeast. The famous Clubhouse of Hamburg Sailing Club (HSC) with Alster port together provide enough space for more than 280 boats and is situated at the beautiful Aussenalster, the most popular area in the centre of Hamburg. The club with about 1000 members is one of the prestigious and most traditional sailing clubs in Germany. The HSC arranges various regattas in different classes between spring and autumn on its home waters and is as well co-organizer of big sailing events on the Baltic- and the North Sea. Hamburg offers a wide variety of top-class hotels and a diverse selection of attractions for all its visitors. During a yacht charter break in the area, you can visit the `BallinStadt’, which is the museum of emigration located close to the harbor and there is also the International Maritime museum which is worth a visit. When, you are in Hamburg it is also recommended not to miss the 9 exhitions decks in the historic Kaipeicher / Warehouse B, where you will learn, more about the history of the explorers and conquerors and the simple seamen who came in the area. The exhibitions hosts at about 3000 years of human history.

Hamburg will also commemorate its 821st anniversary this year. It is the world’s biggest harbor festivals and the celebrations will mark an important date in Hamburg’s history, especially the significant role when this North German city became a major development in to the maritime trader. The celebrations mark an important date in the history of Hamburg; one that played a significant role in the North German city’s development into a major maritime trader. On 7 May 1189 Frederick Barbarossa, the Holy Roman Emperor, was said to have put his seal to a letter which granted all the ships from Hamburg the privilege of sailing along the river Elbe to the North Sea free from the financial burden of customs duties. Historians have since raised doubts about the authenticity of that letter, but there is no doubt that the city traded on the back of it and grew as a result. Consequently the 7 May 1189 is traditionally regarded as the day on which the port of Hamburg was founded. Hamburg is today Europe’s second largest container port. There is also some other maritime festivals and events which often take place along the rovers. It is also the occasion to enjoy numerous World firsts, world premieres, dreams big and small, local and exotic travel destinations, glorious yachts and motor boats – hanseboot showcases the future of water sports.

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