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Bremerhaven Yacht Charter Information

Bremerhaven is located at about 57 km to the North of Bremen at the junction of the Geeste with the Weser just before the Weser flows in the North Sea in Germany. It form s part of the Land of Bremen and is separated from Bremen itself by a stretch of Lower Saxon Territory. Bremerhaven was one of the main ports for emigration on the 19th and the early 20th century and today its thriving port still exists and hosts the largest fishing harbor in the mainland of Europe and its extensive docks handle numerous ocean-going vessels as well as an institute of marine research. Bremerhaven is a city in Germany which is reinventing itself with its impressive Emigration Centre which is a perfect companion piece to the New-York‘s Ellis Island. Bremerhaven is a renowned yacht charter destination in the North Sea and a visit in the area is a rich experience in the maritime history and the German Culture. Bremerhaven offers a large variety of places to visit and things to explore that suits to anyone’s tastes. The Morgenstern Museum which lies in the Geestemünde district focuses on prehistory, history of the town and local traditions. While visiting the area, you will find a large number of hobbies and activities categories and you will also have the occasion to observe the various ethnic peoples, theirs folk customs and numerous historical museums.The famous Port of Bremerhaven is a major attraction in itself, many yacht charterers and visitors alike are drawn by the attractions. Near the port, you will have the opportunity to visit the fishing harbor Bremerhaven which lies in the most southerly part of the port; it is also where about half the whole German catch of fish is landed.

It is interesting to watch the fish auctions held when the boats come in with their catches. The Container terminal is also worth a visit when you are at Bremerhaven Port; it is the largest of its kind in the entire Europe, and viewing a platform on the main building. You can also find a nautical museum and various attractions. Beyond the Geestle in Bremerhave’s Old harbor, you will find the famous German Shipping Museum which is housed in a building which was formerly designed by Hans Scharoun. During your exploration in the museum, you will come across the “/kogge”/ (a Hanseatic merchant ship) and also have the opportunity to discover among the various historic old ships the famous Mark XXI submarine and a four-master, the “/Seute Deern”/ (restaurant). Yacht charter enthusiasts will also enjoy a visit in the North Sea Museum (also known as the Nordsee-Museum by the locals) which lies in between Bremerhaven’s fishing harbor’s double sluice-gates and the landing stage of the Weser ferry. Yacht chartering in Bremerhaven is major attraction in Germany and every 5 years, the area celebrates the famous ‘’Sail Bremerhaven’’ which is one of the largest maritime festivals in Germany. It also attracts many visitors and yacht charterers from everywhere. During the festival, you will find a large number of windjammers and some special ships of all sizes, classes and types which are grouped in the quays , and they are lead by the famous ”Gorch Fock” of the German Marine fleet.

The world famous”Gorch Fock”is invited to come on board and there are also a diverse activities organized on land, at sea and also in the air that promise a great maritime experience. There are also various annual marine events in the seaside city of Bremerhaven and for more than 20 years, the opening of the Bremerhaven summer is celebrated each year with the famous ‘’Fish Party’’ , where the visitors and yacht charterers can enjoy various culinary delights of the sea. The yacht charter itinerary in the area is the Weser cycle route which is also one of the most attractive cycling routes in Germany. The Cycle Route Unterweser connects Bremerhaven to the Hanseatic city of Bremen. The sign-posted route takes cyclists along both sides of the Weser River, offering a majestic panorama and is easily doable within a day trip. You can also sail along the North Sea cycle route which leads through the 8 countries in the area. The 4000 miles cycle route is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s longest posted cycle route. There are also numerous mooring areas for yachts, and the first lies in the river Geeste where it is possible to berth on the downstream side of the Kennedy Bridge, but this is short stay only and is noisy and exposed. You can also find some good anchorages into the Schleusenhafen via the western lock. There are 3 marinas to choose from; the Weser YC, NYC (Bremerhaven) marina or the WVW Wulstorf marina.

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