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London Yacht Charter Information

London is the capital of England and of the United Kingdom. It is Great Britain’s largest and most populous metropolitan area. London is the result of a major settlement since 2 millennia, and its history goes back to its foundation by the Romans, who called it Londinium. The ancient City of London or the Square Mile, financial district, still has remains of their medieval boundaries. It is also a leading global city while hosting one of the world’s largest financial centres alongside with New York City. The London city’s boundaries have remained unchanged since the middle Ages and it is now a tiny part of the metropolis of London even if it remains a notable part of the central London. London assumes the mantle of one of the world’s most great cities with ease and crowning itself with the Napoleon style by hosting its 3rd Olympic games in 2012. It has often been called as the ‘’world in one city’’ and this fact is not an empty rhetoric. The brilliant feat which has been carried off the area is that while the immigrants, the city’s life blood, continue to flow in and contribute their energy and cultures to the capital’s already melting pot. The city nevertheless quintessentially British, whether it’s those boxy black cabs, the red double deckers or those grand symbols of Britain – the mother of all parliaments at Westminster, the silhouette of Tower bridge above the muddy Thames or the already world-famous London Eye, barely a decade old.

As London is a vast metropolis, during a yacht charter trip in the area, you will be overwhelmed by a large variety of places to visit and there are also numerous activities offered. You will have the opportunity to visit the Hampton Court Palace which was home to some of the British’s most famous Kings and Queens. You will find the mark on both the stunning exterior and the opulent interior. The palace is set in fairytale grounds running alongside the River Thames and offers guided tours inside and out. You can also stroll through the Royal chambers; the world famous maze lies in wait within the stunning Palace grounds. You can also visit the Towers of London and discover its 20 mighty towers and giant stone walls project an image of power that once chilled the hardest of hearts. Once inside you experience nearly a thousand years of history and hear the myths and legends. The towers are also home to the Crown Jewels and the Yeoman Warders. Yacht charterers can also seize the occasion to visit the National Maritime Museum which features exhibits about the future of the sea, exploration, passenger liners and trade. There are often some special exhibitions illustrating the ‘South – race to the Pole’; ‘Views from the Edge’ and ‘Nelson’. You will also have the chance to see the Royal Observatory’s Meridian Line, Time Ball and Harrison clocks from this beautiful Wren building that gives fine views over London and Docklands. Inside the Queen’s House art gallery is the impressive ‘Sea of Faces’. After visiting the historic places, you can stroll down the numerous streets and discover the different fashion styles like the Sloane Street prep, Chelsea chic or Camden hip. You can also enjoy a nice pint over a football game at one of the numerous traditional London boozers. You can also drink a neon cocktail while gazing at passers-by in a hip concept bar, or sip French wine by candlelight at one of the cities more refined establishments. You can also enjoy a night out at some of the numerous nightclubs and bars in the city and enjoy some of the international dishes in the numerous restaurants scattered in the area.

Yacht chartering is a renowned activity in London and the Chelsea harbor is a good starting point before going down to the river to reach the heart of the city. The most popular areas include a cruise along the famous River Thames which will lead you right through the heart of the city. London city will provide you an endless fascination panorama of historic buildings, Royal Palaces and some stunning bridges. During your sailing route, you will past the famous traditional historic sights of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, the Tower of London, the Tower Bridge and Greenwich to the huge Thames Flood Barrier. You can also sail further towards the Millennium Bridge and the famous London Eye and past a large variety of architectural and stunning new buildings in the area. You can also choose to come out of the city, and the river will lead you to further destinations in the area like Putney, Chiswick, Kew and Richmond which will offer you a gentler and greener journey in the area.

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