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Cowes Yacht Charter Information

Cowes is often referred to as the West Cowes and is an English seaport town and a city on the Isle of Wight, which lies in the South of Southampton. It is located on the West bank of the estuary of the River Medina which faces the smaller town of East Cowes which lies on the East bank of the river. The 2 towns are linked together by the Cowes Floating bridge. During a visit in Cowes, you will have the opportunity to explore the entire Isle of Wight which is a diamond-shaped island and is considered as United Kingdom sunniest and warmest places. The island is dotted with some spectacular scenery and hosts a rich historical heritage. The Island offers numerous attractions, activities and adventures to suit its visitors of all tastes and different nationalities. You will have the chance to explore the numerous picturesque villages, its spectacular cliffs, sandy beaches, rich farmlands, creeks, marshland, river valleys, and a rich diversity of wildlife, flora and fauna. There is more than one half of the island which is composed of an area of ‘’Outstanding Natural Beauty ‘’with 500 miles of award-winning public footpaths and bridleways, and there is also 30 miles of the island seashore which form part of the Heritage Coast. Cowes is a renowned yacht charter destination and sailing in its waters to discover the many treasures of the island is a major attraction in itself. The city of Cowes is well-known for its world class premier yachting centre, and it also hosts the main port with the natural harbor at the mouth of the Medina River. Yachtsmen coming from all over the world come to Cowes to participate in the season’s prestigious sailing events of which the famous Cowes Week which is held at the beginning of August every year.

While yacht chartering in the waters of Cowes or the East Cowes, you will have the opportunity to visit their various fishermen’s shacks which are located around the 2 coastal forts. They were built by Henry VIII on the opposite banks of the river Medina and were named after the 2 offshore sandbanks or cows. The 2 towns, Cowes and East are linked by the Old fashioned chain ferry and they have a tradition of fine ship building which dates back since the reign of Elizabeth I. Later came the yacht building industry which contributed greatly to make sailing in the area a popular sport and it was endorsed by the Royal family. Around 1854, the Royal Yacht Squadron moved into the Cowes castle and also to the former Tudor fort, ever since Cowes has remained a destination in the United Kingdom which is synonymous with yachting. During a visit in Cowes, you can go shopping in the famous narrow High Street which is a delight. You will find numerous excellent shops, out of which many of them are fully devoted to yacht charterers. In the town, you will also find an array of fashionable clothing, gift shops, delicatessens, cafes, restaurants and some lively pubs. Just above High Street and when overlooking Solent, Northwood house and Park are worth a visit. The classical mansion of Northwood was built in 1837 and composed of 26 acres of grounds dotted with public tennis courts, bowling greens, putting green and a children’s play area. At the edge of the park, you can visit the St Mary’s church with its landmark clock tower which was designed by John Nash. While East Cowes, you will have the occasion to visit the magnificent Osborne House which was formerly a seaside holiday home of the Queen Victoria and the Prince Albert.

The Cowes week is among one of the World Premier Sailing Regatta. It attracts more than 1000 yachts in the town of Cowes and there more than 8000 competitors who part in numerous top-class sailing. The Cowes Week is famous internationally and has a rich heritage; it attracts a wide range of competitors from amateurs to Olympic and World champions. It is a major attraction for sailors and visitors alike and offers some exciting racing schedule and also a packed entertainment itinerary on shore throughout the entire week. While yacht chartering in the area, it is highly recommended to visit the Cowes especially during the regattas season. On this particular occasion, you will also find a great selection of specialist shops and there is also some excellent line-up of live bands and you will have the occasion to taste a superb choice of cuisine. All of these activities create a festive atmosphere and offers to one of the best sailing spectacle in the world. One of the highlights of the regattas is also the fireworks displays which take place usually on the final Friday of the Cowes Week.

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