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Denmark – North Sea

Denmark - North Sea Yacht Charter Information

Denmark is a Scandinavian country located in the Northern Europe and lies to the southernmost part of the Nordic countries; to the southwest of Sweden and to the South of Norway and Germany. It is bordered by both the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. In addition to Denmark itself, the area includes the Faroe Islands and Greenland. Denmark is a renowned for its flat and beautiful nature. Denmark is considered as one of the happiest nations on earth with some of the best quality of life. Along its winding cobbled streets, the shops and restaurants contribute to make the country among one of the most exciting place in the entire Europe. The capital and the biggest city of Denmark is Copenhagen, which is often described as the coolest and the most Cosmopolitan city in Scandinavia. Copenhagen is dotted with some brave new architecture, continued prosperity and there is a burgeoning confidence adding to its own charms. Beyond the capital of Denmark, there is a mix of lively towns like the famous Ribe and Odense and its rural countryside is dotted with numerous medieval churches, Renaissance Castles and some tidy villages which date back since the 18th century. The country also hosts some old remnants like the Neolithic dolmen which has been preserved since 2000years ago and there is also an impressive collection of the Viking ruins which also contribute greatly to Denmark long and fascinating history.

Apart from the large number of historical sites, Denmark however continues to stamp its effortlessly cool style in the world with its unique furniture, fashion, architecture and graphic design, as it has done for the last half-century. After centuries on from the Viking era, Denmark is and remains a very much Viking nation, and also a major yacht charter destination in the area. There is practically no place in Denmark which is more than one hour drive from its lovely seashore, where much of it is lined with some splendid white-sand beaches. Denmark also offers a great number of entertainment and with its 7300km of coastline, hundreds of tiny islands, lakes and picturesque harbors as well as the many activities centered on the water, which will make anyone’s holiday in the area an unforgettable moment. There is also a large variety of restaurants including those with the famous and well-known Michelin Stars. You will have the opportunity to taste the traditional Danish open sandwich specialty which is called the Smørrebrød. The Smørrebrød is Danish specialty which is served in most of the restaurants and cafes. There are also a large number of bars, nightclubs and music venues abound all the towns and cities which offers the most vibrant nightlife especially in the Copenhagen. You will also have the occasion to enjoy some of the festivals, theatre performances, art exhibitions and sporting events. You can also seize the occasion to enjoy the numerous shopping opportunities which includes the famous Christmas markets.

Denmark is considered as a much more sought yacht charter destination in the Northern Europe. There are a large number of yacht charters bases in the Northern Schleswig or South Jutland County, in Aabenraa roughly 18 miles north of Flensburg. There are also some bases in Aalborg which is located in the North of Jutland and in Skagen as well. Skagen is a town located in the absolute North of Denmark and lies at the North Sea and the Baltic Sea as well. It offers an excellent cruising ground for sailors and many sailors charter their yachts in Germany, towards Flensburg or Kiel. The most popular yacht charter itineraries from Denmark in the Baltic Sea are the circumnavigation of Funen and the traverse of the Danish South Sea. Funen offers about 200 miles of coastline and when sailing in the area, you will discover numerous historic sites, some new-built marinas and piles of anchorages. Among the most famous, there are Svendborg, Kerteminde with the Great Belt Fixed Link, Samsoe, Middelfart and Sonderborg with its magnificent old town. If you have enough time, you can sail further towards the island of Sealand.

Copenhagen too hosts a many modern marinas and is considered as a rewarding stopover destination to start a yacht charter trip. While sailing in the Danish southsea, you will have the opportunity to explore the numerous little islands dotted with white beaches which are fringed with dunes and some enchanting old fishing villages especially in the South of Funen. On Aeroe Island in Marstal, you will find many boat builders for wooden boats, and also an interesting maritime museum which is worth a visit. The fishing and commercial harbor of Fraborg, Sonderborg is also an interesting destination in the area and you will also have the occasion to visit the dream bay Alssund, Aeroskoebing and Langeland.

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