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Antwerp Yacht Charter Information

Antwerp is the capital of the province of Antwerpen in Flanders and is located to the northeast of Belgium. Even the New-York times often agrees that Antwerp is Europe’s place to be and it is renowned and particularly appreciated by its famous mode moguls, club queens, art lovers and numerous diamond dealers. Antwerp is in fact Belgium’s capital of cool and the second-biggest city which once again revels in fame and fortune. The city is featured by its manageable size and timeless quality. The Old city centre which was built around the country’s most impressive cathedral is as beautiful and intimate as it was centuries ago. It is dotted with numerous cobbled lanes and backstreets where there are thousands of restaurants and bars and various antique shops, art galleries, many exclusive chocolate outlets, designers’ boutiques and diamond shops. There are also a large number of architectural museums starting from the medieval riverside fortresses to the modern waterfront creations and the famous Cogels-Osylei. It is characterized by a Gothic and Flemish baroque architecture and is also home to Pieter Paul Rubens who is the Northern Europe’s greatest baroque artists. On the backbone of the fashion and growing gay scenes, Antwerp’s club culture is also expanding. The city usually runs on party time and there are numerous club extravaganzas burst out in summer and the nightly scene in the regenerated docklands to the North and South of town beat to the coolest vibes. Antwerp is also home to the world’s largest diamond-cutting industry which operates behind the discreet facades in the Jewish neighboring.

The city is also a renowned yacht charter destination in the area and hosts the second biggest harbor in Europe. In the sailors’ quarter which is located to the North of the city centre, you will find some bored women sit framed in the red lights while the itinerant Philippino, Sri Lankan and East European seaman wander the seedy streets. As a cosmopolitan, confident and a city full of contrasts, Antwerp is an essential stop on stop on your sailing itinerary to Belgium.As Antwerp is a small county in Belgium which is endowed with numerous architecture delights, it is quite a must to visit the most famous places in the city. Most of the Belgium’s gems in Antwerp are on the UNESCO Heritage List and all the belfries and Flemish Begijnhoven are by definition on the list. There are also many places to visit for their inherent cultural values, theirs historical significances, natural or built beauty or many amusements opportunities to choose from. As the country is dotted with numerous heritage sites, during a visit in Antwerp, you will see a large number of architectural treasures and many fabulous things to visit. Antwerp is always considered as the city of anyone for many reasons; it is often called the city of diamonds, the city of fashion, city of one of the most important international ports, the city Pieter Paul Rubens and so much more. During a visit in the area, you will find countless shopping outlets which are really a true feast for shopper enthusiasts, together with the stunningly beautiful cathedral of Our Lady and the sparkling nightlife in the city. Above all it is considered as a vibrant city all the year round where most of the shoppers and the culture lovers immediately feel themselves at home. During a yacht charter trip in Belgium, a city trip in Antwerp is definitely worth, the historical centre offer activities throughout the day and the night. The fascinating Diamond District can simply not be ignored in your list as well as a visit to the port or a boat trip on the river Scheldt.

The port of Antwerp is located at about 60 km from the sea at the North of the city of Antwerp and is bordered with Holland. The port is the second biggest commercial harbor in the entire Europe and consequently, the famous river Schelde is also a busy waterway in the area and is mostly frequented by visiting yachts. The city of Antwerp is a jewel in Europe despite the damage it has suffered during the 2 World Wars and there are numerous historic sites that are worth a visit. The importance of the Port of Antwerp during the Second World War brought with it that the city itself has suffered greatly hit by the V1 and V2 rocket bombs, sent by the Nazis in the last years of the war to handicap the Allied troops by bombing one of the most important harbors. Since the 1950’s the use of containers has grown steadily. Antwerp is now the eight largest container ports in the world. A guided visit of the harbor can show how omnipresent the metal boxes have become.


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