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Belgium Yacht Charter Information

Belgium is located between France and Netherlands and consists of a short coastline facing the English Channel and the North Sea. It is a country of diverse regions comprising of the Flanders, Wallonia and the capital region of Brussels. Brussels is considered as the diplomatic center of Europe and is home to both the European Union and the NATO. The Flanders regions is relatively flat and is home to the famous Antwerp, Bruges and Ghent, while Wallonia is comprised of Ardennes and the cities of Lieges, Namur and Tournai. Belgium is a little country which has recently celebrated its 175th anniversary of independence and it is dotted a hearty dose of architecture and atmosphere in time-capsule condition, and it Bruges is a lovely spot which is worth a visit and Brussels and Antwerp are considered as most dynamic cities and scale down the pace during your visit in the area, you will find Ghent which was once a medieval city. Belgium is well-known yacht charter destination and most of the yacht charter bases in the area are located in the West Flanders, which is also the only province directly linked by the sea. There is also Zeebrugge which is close to the beautiful town of Bruges, it is also directly linked by the sea and has a modern harbor and plays an important part in the merchant shipping of the country. Nieuwpoort host one of the most renowned seaside and tourists resorts in Belgium and it host a large marina which is construed for more than 1000 yachts. For most of the yacht charterers who visit the North Sea, Belgium is considered as an ideal starting point for interesting trips towards France, Holland, Great Britain or to the famous Channel islands. The Belgium inshore waters offer some attractive routes as well.

While visiting Belgium, it is particularly recommended to visit Bruges which is also considered as the “/Venice of the North’’. Bruges is considered as a well-preserved Old Town and has also been named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will have the opportunity to enjoy many sports activities in the area like walking, boating, wandering, and relaxing. The Belfry and the Memling Museum in Bruges are must-to-see places while visiting the area. You can also visit the capital city of Belgium, Brussels with its history which covers over a thousand of years of activities, today it is a contemporary, cosmopolitan and cultured city. It is particularly recommended to visit the famous Grand Place (the Grote Markt) where you will have the occasion to admire the Gothic and the Classical architectures of the city’s churches and numerous palaces like the Palais des Nations, the Royal Palaces or the House of Parliament. You can also visit the Royal Museum of Fine Art where you will find how Art is prominent in Belgium. Shopping is Belgium is straightforward and full of diverse options, you can find some souvenirs, and make some special purchases including the ceramics and hand-beaten copperware from Dinant; Belgian chocolates; crystals from Val Saint Lambert; diamonds; jewellery from Antwerp; lace from Bruges, Brussels and Mechelen, woodcarvings from Spa and ‘’bandes dessinées’’ by a number of talented Belgian cartoon artists from Brussels. The main shopping centers are located in Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels, Ghent, Liège, Mechelen, Mons, Namur and Ostend. In most of the restaurants, you will have the occasion to taste most of the Belgian dishes which is quite similar to the French, and it is particularly recommended to taste some of the local beers. There are over 400 beers brewed in Belgium, ranging from lagers and pilsners through to Lambic (wheat and barley), white and fruit beers, to Trappist monastery beers.

Yacht chartering is an important activity in Belgium, however the lack of coasts and natural harbors do not particularly make it an appealing cruising destination. And this is not really helped by the difficulty of making landfall on the Belgian coast which is often fringed by numerous sandbanks which run parallel to its coasts. There are a large number of foreign cruising yachts which consider the Belgian ports as a convenient place to have a break before sailing to the North or to the South though the English Channel or the British yachts on a cross-channel trip. There are also a few visiting yachts that use the inland waterway system which are connected to the extensive European canal Network. Yacht charterers will find some good anchorage facilities in the ports of Ostend, Zeebrugge and Nieuwpoort, and all of which have excellent yacht clubs and docking facilities. Most of them have also repair facilities are available as well as chandlery, fuel and provisions. There are also good facilities at Antwerp, where there is access to the inland waterways.

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