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North Sea

North Sea Yacht Charter Information

The North Sea region brings together parts of France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Norway and the British Isles around a body of water famous for fierce storms, fierce history, and fiercely beautiful coastal areas. Start your yacht charter experience in France, at the southernmost reach of the North Sea, and work your way around to the east, exploring the gems along this seaboard, and finish across the English Channel at Dover. Sail your yacht to the Belgian coast which continues on in long, wide beaches and dunes to seaside towns such as Ostend and Knokke-Heist, favourite destinations on sunny Belgian days.

Once in Holland, visit the Rotterdam and The Hague, seat of the Dutch government and home of the royal family and The Peace Palace. A yacht trip to the Netherlands is worth every penny. With the majority of its land being under sea level it seems only right that the Netherlands is a popular place to charter a yacht. The preservation of the natural beauty of the Frisian Islands, also known as the Wadden Islands, is a shared effort among Holland, Germany and Denmark; the islands, of which the best way to see them is by yacht charter, stretch for miles along this part of the North Sea coast. The atmosphere on the German islands of Sylt and Rügen or Usedom is utterly seductive.

Hugging the southern coast of Norway are the wonderfully preserved fortress towns of Frederikstad and the dazzling, fjord-side capital, Oslo, with its wealth of museums. Bergen lies on the coast where the North and Norwegian Seas meet. The Shetland and Orkney Islands lie at the outer reaches of the North Sea. There is a fascinating blend of Scottish and Norwegian culture to experience on these remote islands. The Orkneys have superb relics from the Stone Age. From these peaceful islands, the trekking and watching of seals and whales and huge colonies of seabirds is phenomenal.

When you dream of yacht charter, Scotland should be part of that dream. The west coast of Argyll is one of the heartlands of Scottish cruising. Sail along to Aberdeen, as you come down the North Sea coast of Scotland and follow the unique Malt Whisky trail to sample the “water of life”. Stop in at Port Solent when sailing the English Channel and enjoy the modern and vibrant marina. Explore the shops and have a bite to eat before cruising on to your next destination. Marvel at the astonishing reach of the Roman Empire as you sail past Hadrian’s Wall when you cross from Scotland to England and finally, see the White Cliffs of Dover.vA unique experience, be it a romantic get away or a family vacation. Glide through the waters of the North Sea and let your tensions drain away.

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