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Erdek Harbour

Erdek Harbour Yacht Charter Information

Erdek is a town and district of Balikesir Province in the Marmara region of Turkey. Located on the north coast of Gulf of Erdek at the south of the Sea of Marmara, Erdek is known as a friendly holiday destination that is popular among domestic tourists.

The area has rugged geology and topography and evergreen wooded areas. There are also large olive tree fields and those are very important for local people to support them financially.

To arrive at Erdek from Bandirma, it takes 20 minutes and from there located is an active ferry harbour that is connected to Istanbul. Erdek has 2 four-stars hotel, many more boarding houses and majorly private property residential areas.

Erdek Harbour has a designated naval anchorage and a breakwater where small coasters and fishing boats moor. The holding is good in the sandy bottom and the harbour offers good shelter from the wind.

Within easy reach of Istanbul, Bursa and Ankara, Erdek was a popular seaside resort for Turkish holiday-makers long before those of the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts made it seem old-fashioned.

With its unspoiled countryside, clean sea and sandy beaches, Erdek is now being rediscovered by more and more people. Several festivals are now organized here and new transport alternatives have further improved its accessibility.

Fast car ferries from Kumkapi quay in Istanbul take just 1 hour and 45 minutes to reach Bandirma, which is only 19 kilometers from Erdek.

Erdek, on the southwest corner of the Kapidag peninsula which was about 20 km northwest of Bandirma, not only enjoys a pleasantly equable climate but is blessed with an exceptionally attractive location as well.

Yachting remains a popular activity for residents as well as visitors to Turkey. Over the past 40 years the industry has grown and today a large number of marinas dot the coastline between Istanbul and Antalya.

The Harbour Yacht Charters provides a wide range of sailing yachts, catamarans and motor yachts in some of the most beautiful destinations of around the place. You can experience the thrill of sailing a luxury yacht and the charters provide an idyllic venue for having a great day out.

Boats leave every morning first at Marmara Island and then at Avsa, returning to Erdek. Most of Erdek hotels and motels are concentrated at Çugra and Mangirci, which have beaches 9 and 4 km long respectively.

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