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Ayamonte Yacht Charter Information

Ayamonte is a coastal town which lies on the province of Huelva in Spain. It is located at about 3 miles upstream from the entrance of the River Guandiana which marks the border between Spain and Portugal.

Many visitors say that Ayamonte has something special and worth visiting because of the spectacular views on the River Guadiana and its proximity on the exact border of Portugal, its many extensive shallows that surround the town and its wonderful beaches like the famous Isle Canela and Punta del Moral and many others like Playa del Rompido, San Miguel and Nuevo Portil.

The other beaches offer quite different but equally beautiful scenery dotted with pine forests. Along most of the beaches in Ayamonte, you will have a wide choice between the different activities offered including sailing, diving, scuba diving, walking and Golf courses or horse riding.

Adding to this, Ayamonte is also a renowned yacht charter destination and hosts a recently enlarged marina which is located adjacent to the centre of the town. The Marina Ayamonte can accommodate up to 174 yachts having a maximum length of 25m and can be approached via the entrance which leads directly on to the river.

The nearest marina nearby is Marina Barbate however Marina Ayamonte is also closer to Marina Faro in Portugal.

With its attractive tiled plazas, the reminiscent of the neighboring Portugal lined with numerous trees, bars and restaurants, the fishing port and popular resort of Ayamonte makes it an ideal stopping spot between the waters of the Atlantic Western Europe and the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

During your visit to Ayamonte, you will have the opportunity to explore the town center where you can enjoy some leisurely strolls through its many narrow streets lined with numerous small and pretty plazas that are lined with cafés, bars and restaurants serving great seafood.

You can also visit the famous and elegant Plaza de la Laguna which is also a good choice to have a meal with outdoor seating. Next to the main square, you will see the Paseo de la Ribera which is the harbor of Ayamonte and further along you will see the ferry dock to Portugal.

In the old town, you are recommended to visit the Iglesia de San Salvador (from the 15th century) for its memorable tower from where you will get superb views across Portugal.

As the city of Ayamonte is also surrounded by some protected areas teeming with wildlife, you can also visit the Marismas Del Guadiana (marshes of the Guadiana estuary) which is home to a rich birdlife where you will see many flamingos, herons and storks.

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