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Adra Yacht Charter Information

Adra is town which lies in the province of Almeria in Spain. It is the westernmost coastal town of Almeria and is also known as the port and the gateway of the Alpujarra.

The town of Adra has a rich history and is also the oldest municipality of all the provinces of Almeria.

It is also a renowned yacht charter destination and hosts the Real Club Nautico de Adra which can accommodate up to 200 yachts measuring up to 12m long. The marina lies halfway between Porto Deportivo Almerimar and Club Nautico de Motril to which you can sail and enjoy the amenities found in both cities.

Formerly a fortified city, Adra was once protected by a small castle which sadly no longer remains, but however various fragments of the town walls can still be found today.

You will also have the opportunity to visit many historical buildings and the various sights scattered in the area. It is particularly recommended to take your time to visit the port area and the beaches nearby.

The fishing port of Adra dates back since 1911 and is home to regular fish auctions that are held at dawn where you can see a large variety of fish and sea shells in the area.

In the port area, you can also visit the Club Nautical which probably hosts one of the best restaurants in Adra where you can taste the best local dishes.

Most of the beaches nearby are fortified and guarded by some beautiful old watch towers like the famous Tower of Guainos which dates back from the 16th century.

Not far away, close to the mouth of the River Adra, you can explore the Nature Reserve of the Albuferas de Adra which is a protected wetland hosting a huge diversity of birds, reptiles and fish.

During your visit in the town of Adra, you will have the opportunity to visit some of the most popular historical buildings like the Museum of Adra which is housed in the former home of the Marques de Villacanas. It is a palatial building where you will have a complete view of the history of the town and its various galleries often host exhibitions.

The Parish Church of the Immaculate Conception is also worth visiting, it dates back since the 16th century, was rebuilt in 1761, survived the earthquake in 1804 and restored in 1998.

You can also enjoy a walk down Calle Rivas where you will see many grand houses that were once the splendor of Adra and whose ground floors have been converted into shops that make the commercial areas of the town.

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