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Trapani Yacht Charter Information

Geographically, Trapani is an unusual Sicilian city, due to its western location on the coast of Sicily; it offers some spectacular views of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful sunsets.

The surrounding coastal plain of Trapani is well-known for its distinguished rich salt deposit and the white mineral which is also ground by the windmills that are seen along the coast.

There are numerous interesting monuments that are worth a visit while yacht chartering around the area.

You can visit the most famous churches and cathedrals like the Church of Sant’Agostino, the Church of Santa Maria di Gesù and the famous cathedral of Trapani. The magnificent Basilica-Sanctuary of Maria Santissima Annunziata is worth a visit too.

For yacht charterers visiting Italy, it is renowned that Trapani is the perfect starting point for numerous yacht charter explorations to further destinations.

These locations are easy to get from the port of Trapani and they are very famous because they are renowned places of unequalled natural beauty, rich for their cultural heritage and there is also a mix of passion, glamour and style.

This is also the reason why the West of the Mediterranean is the most famous and popular charter cruising ground in the world for large luxury super yachts.

All that the yacht charterers need to have is some time to visit each and every place. You can easily reach the islands of Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo for a relaxing sailing charter among the Egadi Islands.

By sailing further, you can also reach the enchanting Aeolian Islands in Vulcano and leave your yacht for a guided walk in the island to admire its amazing nature.

Then you can sail towards Alicudi and Filicudi where you can admire the deep grottos, delightful beaches, high shores, ample bays, perforated rocks, small inlets and steep, wild cliffs.

From the Aeolian Islands, you can reach Panarea and Stromboli which has one of the most spectacular active volcanoes in the world.

If you choose another route by starting your sailing route from the Trapani marina, you can sail towards the West where you can also reach the beautiful islands of Pantelleria and Lampedusa Linosa and the inhabited Lampione for an interesting sailing tour of the Pelagic Islands.

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