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Syracuse Yacht Charter Information

Syracuse (Syracusa or Siracusa) is a historic city which lies in the southeast of the province of Syracuse on the island of Sicily. It is a famous city in Italy and is renowned for its rich Greek history and is also the birthplace of the famous Archimedes.

Often pictured as a dense tapestry of overlapping history, culture, architecture and civilizations, Syracuse is one of Sicily’s most visited cities.

It is dotted with numerous amphitheatres, derelict landmarks and ancient buildings. It has always been appreciated for its treasures and even though it lacks the drama of Palermo or the energy of Catania.

Syracuse manages to seduce most of its visitors with its quiet decrepitude, excellent hotels and fascinating sights.

It is also renowned yacht charter destination and hosts an attractive little marina, the Marina Syracuse which offers 180 berths for medium size yachts measuring up to 50m long.

There are also some smaller marina is the region like Marina di Marzamemi (150 berths for yachts of 30m long), Porto Palo, Marina la Balata or Marina Approdo S. Lucia, the Marina of Brucoli is also not far away.

During your visit in the area, you are particularly recommended not to miss some of the most popular attractions in the city and around like the Neopolis Archaeological Park which lies on Terminite hill.

As Syracuse is also the only area in Italy where the papyrus grows and it also hosts a museum dedicated to this rare plant, the Papyrus Museum which is worth a visit.

In the museum, you will discover a large collection of ancient papyrus some so old dating back since the 15th century.

You can also sail towards Ortyria Island which has a small but interesting and well-known historic center.

It hosts the most popular cathedral in Syracuse, the Duomo, built on the top of the remains of an ancient Doric temple that dates back to the 5th century.

The Cathedral is dotted with a dramatic Baroque façade and contains influences from various cultures (Greek, Byzantine, Arabic and Norman) within its walls.

On the island of Ortyria, you will also find a few temples, squares, shops and seaside bars and there is also an aquarium with houses the Mediterranean Sea life.

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