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Milazzo Yacht Charter Infromation

Milazzo is a town which lies on the northeastern coast of Sicily on a narrow peninsula on the Tyrrhenian coastline that stretches at about 6 to 7 km into the sea.

It is a port and the seaside resort is located at about 40km from Messina and to the North of Palermo and at the western end of the Golfo di Milazzo.

The town of Milazzo is also overlooked by a beautiful medieval castle called the Castello di Milazzo. Capo di Milazzo, the tip of the peninsula offers a large variety of restaurants beautifully perched on a cliff.

Milazzo is also a well-known yacht charter destination in Sicily and the Marina Del Nettuno Milazzo is usually the main port of embarkation to visit the outstanding Aeolian or the Lipari islands nearby, it offers 140 berths for yachts measuring up to 50m long.

During a yacht charter trip in the area, especially at Capo di Millazo to the northern tip of the peninsula, you will pass by a high lighthouse from where you will get a panoramic view over the entire town of Milazzo, the Aeolian Islands and to Mount Etna.

When you visit the lower town o f Milazzo, you will see the main results of the developments which have been made around the harbor since 1860.

The pilgrimage church of San Francesco di Paola with its elegant 18th century façade is also worth-visiting. In the new cathedral, you will see some paintings of Antonello da Saliba and of Antonio Giuffrè.

Yacht charterers can also sail eastwards to the Monforte Marina and visit the picturesque village of Roccavaldina with its beautiful palace which formerly belonged to a Spanish family called Valdina.

Yacht Charter tourists can catch a flight from Filippo Eredia airport in Catania, which is 140 km from Milazzo.

As far as driving to Milazzo, the Yacht Charter drivers should look for the 113 highway connecting Trapani to Messina or the A20 motorway that links Palermo with Messina.

By water, the port sees ferries departing and arriving every day from the Aeolian Islands and back to Naples. There are tourist marinas for those who wish to arrive there by boat or charter their own vessel.

The castle in Milazzo is the host of many events during the summer months so this would be the perfect time to bring your Yacht Charter family there. There are concerts, theatrical plays and musical concerts.

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