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Marsala Yacht Charter Information

Marsala is a seaport city which lies in the province Trapani to the West of the island of Sicily.

It is renowned worldwide for its sweet dessert wines and the historical town of Marsala is an elegant town full of numerous stately baroque buildings and many bookshops within a perfect square of walls.

Marsala was founded by the Phoenicians who tried to escape the Romans onslaught at Mozia and they fortified the city within 7m of thick walls.

Later around AD830, the city was conquered by the Arabs who gave it its current name Marsa Allah which means the ‘’Port of God’’.

Today it is a renowned seaport city and attracts many archaeologists and tourists who come in the area to study the Phoenician culture and the immense shipbuilding masterpieces.

The main attraction in the area is the Marsala ship which is the earliest warship known from archaeological evidence.

There is a wreck which was discovered in 1969 in an area called Punta Scario in the harbor of Marsala.

Today Marsala is a renowned yacht charter destination on the island of Sicily and attracts many visitors every year.

The Porto di Marsala offers more than 200 moorings for yachts measuring up to 20m long and with a maximum draught of 8m, however precaution should be taken as it is exposed to the southerly winds.

During a yacht charter trip in the area, you will have the opportunity to explore the heart of Marsala which is the Piazza which lies in front of the town of Duomo.

The famous square is known as Piazza della Repubblica or the Piazza Loggia which is a pleasant place to enjoy a promenade and some refreshments in one of the numerous cafes opposite the cathedral.

The fabulous Lion’s head over the gateway, also known as Porta Garibaldi is also worth seeing.

There are also 2 interesting museums that are worth visiting like the Museo Civico and the well-known Museo degli Arazzi Fiamminghi where you will find displays of some 16th century Flemish tapestries.

Yacht charterers can also visit the numerous beaches nearby.

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