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Lipari Yacht Charter Information

Lipari is the largest of the Aeolian Islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea and is located of the North coast of the island of Sicily.

It lies in the centre of the archipelago and is also the main port of entrance from the mainland to the Aeolian Islands. It is a volcanic region dotted with steep cliffs, white or black and is renowned worldwide for its delicious cuisine.

Due to its strategic position in the Tyrrhenian Sea basin within the Mediterranean, the city of Lipari is a renowned yacht charter destination.

Most of its visitors come for its beaches, to explore its rugged volcanic terrain dotted with deep caverns and steep cliffs, thermal waters and its numerous fishing and water sports opportunities.

However, most of all, the yachtsmen come in the area for its good sailing conditions especially near the Marina Corta which is rather small offering about 10 berths for yachts measuring up to 30m long.

There also some interesting marinas nearby like the Marina Pignataro Maggiore (40 berths) or Marina Lunga which lies in Sottomonastero (50 berths).

Marina Sant’ Agata di Militello and the Marina di Portorsa are also within easy distance from Lipari.

As soon as you set anchor at the Marina Corta, you can start your exploration of the area by beginning a walking tour of the citadel or the Acropolis where you will find numerous archaeological remains from the early settlements.

Afterwards, you can also enjoy a stroll along the town and visit the main street of Corso Vittorio Emauele lined with various shops, bars and the restaurants.

Heading North towards Canneto, you can stop at the viewpoints of Quattrocchi, Quattropani, Porticello and Campo Bianco where you will get a fantastic view of the huge white cliffs of Pumice.

You can also sail towards the other beautiful Aeolian Islands like Salina, a perfect place for quiet excursion in contact with nature, Stromboli with its exceptional views in all directions and the small island of Panarea, Alicudi or Filicudi.

The other reason for pride for the locals is the restored Norman church, one of the symbols of Lipari, not to be missed by any travelling Yacht Charter tourist.

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